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This is my private site where you can meet new Senior Pen Pals. Register, then after you are approved click on the Intros/PenPal tab... and start reading senior pen pal ads. You can also add your own there.

Learn more by watching the quick video below - or read down the page! 

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Retirement Online is both public and private. The public pages are here on this site. THe private pages are within a closed community environment... and that's what this page is all about.

In the private Community, retirees can communicate with other like-minded individuals, find new friends, and generally interact with other retirees! Sit down with a cuppa tea, like me, and enjoy the chatter.

Have fun, learn something new, and simply enjoy communicating with other retirees, worldwide! 

Join this Community NOW — fun, friendly and safe!

WHY Would You Consider Joining the Retirement Community?

The benefits of this Retirement Community are:

  • Learn something new from another retiree... someone living in the same state, another state nationwide, or an international friend. 
  • Share your hobbies and how you do what you do, or learn a new hobby from someone doing something you’d love to try.
  • Learn about different lifestyles, different countries… all from retirees just like you who simply want so share more of life.
  •  Learn new technology, new apps, how to live life using your computer easily.
  • Connect with other retirees who are beginning home businesses and/or earning money online. 
  • If you enjoy learning, or you’ve considered trying a new home business, c’mon in!Join a group of like-minded retirees, in a private no-dumb-questions atmosphere.

What you will find inside:

Each retiree has their own Profile Page: Your Name, Location and Profile Answers are automatically on your profile page. Some items you post in the community, like photos, show up on your page. When someone writes to you, publicly, it shows up on your page.  You can also friend someone and write privately without exposing your email address... or swap email address or postal address under private messages. You can change the looks of you page to show your personality.

Groups: There are lots of groups to join, some more active than others… but it might be YOU who is the one who gets a group rolling! It just takes that one person with a passion on the topic to make others want to chime in. You can add a post in a group, or you can comment on what others have posted. This is where you’ll probably spend most of your time — getting to know members, and learning about their lifestyles and all that. 

Members: This page lists all members of the Retirement Community. You can search for others in your same location, or search for another state or country you might vacation, or specific hobbies, or even names of members if you can’t find them. Click on any person to view their personal Profile Page. Write to them, publicly, or friend them then communicate privately.

Blogs: Every member has the ability to write blog posts. The posts, when approved, are added to the left side of the page and the feed so other retirees can check them out.

Join this Community NOW — you can be chatting with new friends within minutes!

How to Use this site and the Community:
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This is a workshop for members of the Retirement Online Community. Learn how to find new friends via my community site!

Register below for a 7-day workshop series designed to walk you through the Retirement Community.

 You will learn a little each day, in bite-sized peices, on how to get around the pages of my retirement community to find new friends.

How to Use the Retirement Online Community

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Hopefully, day by day, you will move through the features of the community pages. One tiny step at a time.

You will see their are many ways to find new senior friends in this safe environment.

If you have any questions, just print out the email and go step by step with the Community on the screen in front of you. I think I made the directions fairly clear... I hope so!

Best Wishes! 

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