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Retirement Online Community

A Senior Pen Pal Community Where YOU
Can Meet New Friends Worldwide!.

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This is a workshop for senior members of the Retirement Online Community. Learn how to find new friends via my community site!

Register below for a 7-day workshop series designed to walk you through the Retirement Community.

 You will learn a little each day, in bite-sized peices, on how to get around the pages of my retirement community to find new friends.

How to Use the Retirement Online Community

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Hopefully, day by day, you will move through the features of the community pages. One tiny step at a time.

You will see their are many ways to find new senior friends in this safe environment.

If you have any questions, just print out the email and go step by step with the Community on the screen in front of you. I think I made the directions fairly clear... I hope so!

Best Wishes! 

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