Top Ten Reasons to Retire

By Wendy Fisher,

 Why do folks retire?

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Top Ten Reasons to Retire 
1. Job burn-out 2. Start the home business you've always dreamed of. 3. Wanderlust 4. Creaky joints 5. A boss that knows so little it's frightening. …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire 
1. As a state worker, my pay is going down, not up! 2. Few people in the public appreciate my work. 3. Constant attacks on my pension--better get …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire: from Manitoba, Canada 
10. I will have more time to spend as I wish 9. I have enough money 8. My health is still excellent 7. I still have a fairly decent memory …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire: I love my job 
1. We don't have forever...time runs out 2. Feel like i am 30 but am 67 don't want to waste it 3. Eventually we all have to retire sometime, it may as …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire by John 
1. Thirty years of doing same job. 2. Tired of walking on egg shells. 3. Chest pains from anxiety caused by job. 4. Job no longer fun. 5. Management …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire 
1. Thirty years with same company 2. Outstanding benefit package 3. Adequate 401k sheltered from disaster by utilizing the Guarantee Fund option …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire by Doreen 
This is a list I wrote in my journal when I left work. I never intended it to be a retirement list but this is how it hit me. It started with flu like …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire by Elinor 
1- Forced to retire, that is, downsized out of a job. 2- Stress from the job because of increasing workload, change of shifts, relocation to another …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire, by Marge 
TOP REASON -- You won the lottery and have millions of dollars to spend while you can still get around and see everything worth seeing on the planet. …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire by Sandra 
1. Because you are eligible to retire (or, bluntly - because you CAN) -and meet the age requirement (at my company it was rule of 75, minimum age …

Why it's great to be retired 
No more outrageous union dues with little in return No more back to school in August! No more split fingertips and chapped hands from handwashing …

Top Ten Reasons to Retire 
1. More free time 2. Travel 3. Move to warmer climate 4. create own routine 5. get out of office routine 6. Volunteer 7. Change to PT work? …


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