Has anyone seen my energy?

by Sue

. . . and if so, could you please return it to its rightful owner?

Seriously, I quit working almost 6 months ago and have been getting PLENTY of rest, but one of my biggest complaints that my husband hears from me almost every day is about how tired I am.

I'm not so sure "tired" is the right word because I don't think I could fall asleep, but I'm weary, lack motivation, my head feels heavy, and I just want to lie on the couch. Going upstairs to get dressed seems like too much effort some days.

I don't know if this is part of the adjustment phase or if I need to see a doctor. I do see one regularly and all tests usually come back fine, but some days I have to wonder.

I had big ideas and plans for today, but instead hardly did anything besides feed myself. Now SOME days I go to the gym, walk the dogs, clean the house, etc. but most of the time, I'm too weary (or depressed?)

I have always suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and it's one of the reasons I retired somewhat early (62) but it's gotten a lot better in the past few months now that I left my high-stress job.

But now the little things that I used to take in stride cause me anxiety, or maybe i just notice it more now without all the distractions. I wonder if anxiety is now going to cause fatigue, whereas before I was running on pure adrenaline and in a constant state of stress and exhaustion.

Anyone else find themselves MORE tired since retiring?


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by: Lindy

Our particular age group- 60 to 70+ ish is generally noted to have low magnesium levels even if serum blood levels indicate otherwise. I'm not big into supplements but it might help somebody's get up and go as well as sleep.

Plenty of articles to pursue this one caught my attention.

What You Need to Know About Magnesium and Your Sleep | Psychology Today

Good article on many levels. A good read.

by: Bonney

I know how you feel. I plan on doing things but I have no energy or desire to do anything. Some days. I’ll get a spurt of energy and clean. I talked to my Doctor and she said it’s not my age. I am 70. So I had blood work done and my iron was low . I had iron infusions but I don’t feel any different. I wonder if it’s depression.

Good idea
by: Sue

Thanks, Vicki.

I know on the days I go to the gym I always leave with a lot of energy and need to do that more, and once this heat wave passes I will start walking the dogs more.

But mornings? Eh, can I do my workouts at midnight, instead? I am and always have been a night owl. :)


This was me
by: Vicki M, CT

I used to be tired all the time and got nothing done. I felt like a slug. Then I did Wendy's Morning Makeover workshop, and everything got better.

Ultimately the biggest energy booster for me was short daily walks. After a couple of weeks, I looked forward to them. Now I exercise six days a week for one reason: to have more energy. It works!

by: Sue

Thanks for the feedback, Weezer. Yes, the lack of structure is something that is certainly a culture shock to me, and as much as you would think it would be enjoyable, it takes some getting used to.

Yes, I do make "to do" lists but then when I look at them I feel tired and unmotivated, I think from the pressure of it. So what seems to work better, at least for now, is getting up and doing things when the mood strikes. Doing something begrudgingly does not create excitement or energy, but seeing something and then WANTING to do it brings with it some adrenaline.

Still figuring this all out, but I also have to remind myself that I might possibly NOT have the same amount of energy as I did when I was in my 50's..... just a fact of life?


by: Wee-zer

Sue, I am looking for my energy too.

I chalk it all up to no routine. House cleaning is the most boring job in the world to me and I struggle with that. There is no joy in it for me.

But, maybe if you have a TO DO list and challenge yourself to do 3 things a day. Get them done by a specific time, then reward yourself with a Netflix movie or something you like.

The trouble with retirement, is that we have no schedule, no deadlines, no map of the retirement journey. Just think if you were in a row boat with only one oar, do you think you could go anywhere? In a perfect world we need two oars to row a boat.

When you worked you were in a structured environment. They told you what time to show up, what time to go to a meeting, when to submit paperwork for your projects, when to eat lunch, what you can do, what you can't do, when to go home. You had to follow rules, rules, rules.

Now you have no rules to follow. You are now the boss of your own company! Do you want the SUE company fail or succeed? It is time to put on your big girl britches, make plans, make schedules, plan for fun times too. Make the SUE company rich (as in happiness and fulfillment) and successful!

Good luck to you, we all need it!

I like it!
by: Sue

I like that attitude and am going to try to adopt it!

I was going under the assumption that I should still be accomplishing a long list of things every day and should not be just sitting around relaxing. But giving myself permission to "do nothing" and relax, and to give in when I feel tired rather than pushing through it, is a good idea.


by: Anonymous

Well, I feel that way very very often. But then again, I tell myself this is RETIREMENT, not "good housekeeping time", and then I report to others (roommate in particular that I am retired, so I am relaxing.

In other words "I am not obligated to do anything, because I am RETired".

By this stuff, I am just offering a sort of permission to do nothing, and a point of view to that effect. Hope I don't offend.

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