Social Security & Taxes - HELP!!

by A.
(Palm Springs, CA.)

When my friends tax guy died, I started doing his taxes with turbo tax. I thought I was doing a very proficient job (I separated, calculated everything) and bought Turbo Tax and followed all the questions.

I did this for 4 or 5 years.

Eventually his health became an issue; he eventually did very few lockouts (had a defibulator put in) and went to apply for disability (He had paid into for 50 years I think) and was denied due to the lack of credits.

I was shocked to find out that he didn't have enough credits and it was since I had been doing his taxes. I am devastated. Can we somehow go back and re-do the taxes? Can he somehow still get disability at all? With no income now, would he quality for supplemental help?

I am devastated as I think I obviously did not know what I was doing and now it appears MY fault that he is lacking the credits. He REALLY does need the disability now (he collects $724 in his social security) but I feel I should do something as I am probably to blame for these stupid errors.

I know you are probably busy, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and joy to you!

Wendy: What a horrible situation to be in! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help you!

To the right, there is a Legal Book == if you click on it and visit the website, then hit CONTACT US in the top left corner. That's where they have an ASK AN ATTORNEY feature.

I think it costs a few dollars, but I think it would be money well spent. They are nationwide, so perhaps they have a specialty attorney to refer you to- or can tell you how to appeal the decision.

Wish I could help... sorry!

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Social Security Credits
by: Anonymous

You should be able to admen and refile the last three years of tax returns. I would look for a CPA that does taxes and get his help.

What you are saying is that he had a business and should have been paying Social Security taxes and he was not.

Wendy Makes sense to me, but I knew a guy who had 25 yrs with a company pension, went off on his own, self employed -- but since it was a newer business, he didn't pay taxes.

Guess what happened? He got ill, his ex-wife remarried him to help him, but NO Social Security until he hit 62... despite his disability.

That's an issue with early retirements too -- I retired at 55, if I never work again, and don't have any earnings in the next 3 years, then have a disability (despite 36 yrs of service) -- I am not eligible until 62. There is a minimal amount you need to work, once every three years, to maintain eligibility, for Social Security Disability.

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