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It never ceases to amaze me how one persons words, the exact words you need to hear, can change your life! That's why I welcome all the posts and retiree feedback on my site -- I can't possibly have answers for what everyone needs to hear. 

As a Community, we have many different retirement/aging experiences and thoughts to share.

  • You never know when your story is exactly what another retiree is going through (yeah, you'd be surprised how often that happens). 
  • The "WOW, it's not just me" happens. This simply lets you know you are not crazy, your issues happen to many others too.

  • Feedback is provided by readers and maybe just maybe one is the key to your moving forward in life. Someone experienced the same thing, one retiree with the right empathy for your situation,  or someone gave you a little kick in the butt!

Please share your own story for feedback from retirees -- OR -- comment on the stories below to share your two cents.

You never know if your voice will bring that one retiree clarity for their future!

Pay it Forward! 

 Thank you!

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Jan 10, 2023

Alcoholic Family Member

My son is an alcoholic. He is separated from his wife and lives with me. I am very sad, not depressed, and I have anxiety because he is living with me.

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Jan 05, 2023

Texts and hugs

Even though the invention of the cell phone, Facebook and the internet are wonderful at times. I really miss hearing someone's actual voice. Most of

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Dec 29, 2022

Home Sweet Home

When it's COLD I stay in and talk to friends by ☎. I read, watch TV, and study Spanish, work digital crosswords and tend my birds and cats. When necessary

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Dec 29, 2022

Smashing Retirement.

Yah, now we are sixty plus. We are not oldies, we are all in our prime time. It is our quest at our age to smash this prime time. This little old writer

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Dec 23, 2022

Flu Report 2022

Last week, both Terry and I were sick with the flu. We had major headaches and body aches, coughs, stuffy noses, fatigue, no appetite, and more. It sounds

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Dec 23, 2022

Muy Bien: Senior Centers

In February of this year I stopped by my local Senior Center to do my taxes, felt good vibrations and joined The Auburn Senior Center, a group of upbeat,

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Dec 23, 2022

Very grateful

Hello I retired 9 yrs ago, age 60, from 30 yrs of work. I was not prepared for retirement as retired in the winter. I went into depression, crying and

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Dec 23, 2022

Reflections and Holiday thoughts

As we wrap up this year of 2022, I think we all reflect on what has occurred in our lives, the so called good, the bad, the ugly, for better or worse the

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Dec 10, 2022

Instructions for Giving Your Cat a Pill

Since I retired one of my duties is to care for our pets. Below are some instructions to help give a cat a pill. Our cat recently had a UTI and I found

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Nov 22, 2022

FREE BOOK! A Hope-filled, "Third Act" Love Story - My Gift to You

Like many other retirees I have encountered on this wonderful site, my Number One Bucket List item was to write a book. Well, almost nine years later here

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Nov 22, 2022

Retired, adjusting, connected and basically content.

After 40 years as a minister/church pastor, I retired at 65. My wife of 44 years died one year prior. But I remarried a wonderful woman who literally

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Nov 15, 2022


I am a retired nurse and lost my husband 2 years ago... We were best friends and did everything together. Have little family far away and few friends.

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Nov 15, 2022


It seems like just yesterday. I awoke and decided, It is time for me to retire! My path ahead changed. I had been looking after a geriatric. His end

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Nov 11, 2022

Mom Hospitalized Nov 2022

Mom was hospitalized one week ago, Sunday to Wednesday, and is back at Assisted Living. I've never seen Emergency so packed with people waiting to get

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Nov 09, 2022

Options are a must!

Before one retires, one might consider the satisfying options one will have if he or she retires. One might have a skill that one can use in part-time

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