Senior Community for
Retirement/Aging Help

Our Senior Community is for those looking for real retirement advice from real retirees.  

In a community, we've all been there and done that. We've all faced different life experiences, varying retirement issues, and here we move forward with a little help from other retirees.

This Community is a great way to find perspective in life. Learn what others did and how it worked out for them. 

This site is designed to provide seniors with help to find new, different perspectives in retired life. What you do, all day, every day, matters.

Retirement Planning Advice

What will you do, all day, every day, to feel happy and fulfilled?

As we Transition to Retirement, life changes. We no longer follow the working worlds time frames. We do what we like when we choose to do it, heck, IF we choose to be involved.

Some retirees need purpose in life, even in later life. Others look for simple joy and contentment in everyday happenings, finding happiness in retirement with the small things in life.

Many retirees drop out of life when they retire. They become anxious and depressed, evidenced by the many retiree posts on the bottom of the linked page.

Get help and ideas from Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach, and from a variety of retirees worldwide, who have "been there and done that" already!

Wishing you the very best retirement days!

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Retirement Planning in a Senior Community... it's not about money.

Retirement is a Journey

Discover here that You Are Not Alone! Read the many posts from retirees just like you and what they are up against... and better yet, feedback from others with their own perspectives.

You are not alone -- That's really important to know so you can begin to look and FIND your Best Lifestyle!

There is no "right" retirement. Seriously, everyone has their own perfectly imperfect version of this thing called retirement, and you don't want my version, and I don't want yours. Right? 

As you are doing retirement, do what feels right for YOUR retirement lifestyle.

Now, when life is feeling off, you can change it. All part of our perfectly imperfect lives (and I love that!)

Honeymoon Phase of Retirement:
(it's not always easy)

  • 69% have challenges adapting to retirement

  • 37% miss the day-to-day social interaction with co-workers
  • 63% of people feel stressed about retirement leading up to that decision
  • 25% of boomers care for aging parents

Source: - honeymoon phase 

We Understand Retirement & Aging...

  • Challenges in the retirement transition phase of life are real
  • Retirement can be a lonely, anxious state of being
  • Losing daily communications with co-workers and feeling less involved post-retirement is hard 
  • Aging life changes: we lose energy and don't feel like we did, we move from our community or downsize, our relationships change, we become caregivers for aging parents/ family members, adult kids are gone (or...have returned), 
  • Income changes, even food, clothing and gas consumption changes

This Senior Community Helps...

This is a Community where retirees share life experiences.

You will gain new perspectives, get feedback from many others, and simply find peace and answers to retired life.

We can motivate you to a whole new world of retirement living! Doing nothing but loving it, or being purposeful in your retired days. LIFE is what you make of it!

Share Your Retirement Story!

Get Help -OR- Pay it Forward if you can help another retiree.

It only takes one persons words to help another retiree immensely! You can motivate others. You can bring hope and peace through your words and sharing your journey!

1) Write your story or ask for feedback. When published here, retirees add their feedback. This has helped many retirees.

Every single post and the reader comments bring new perspectives to the table. Even if all responses point in the same direction, one persons words often rock your world more than the others. You never know which post simply rings true in the heart of the writer and changes their life.

2)  Write to me privately here.

These are easy peasy ways to get help... and maybe, just maybe, you'll get the perfect feedback, at the perfect time, to push you forward into your future years!

There IS light at the end -- where you CAN find happiness, purpose and peace in life! 

It's not about money either, though money obviously helps in dreaming possibilities. There is plenty you can do to be healthy, happy and engaged in life without much - seriously.

Life can be rich with activity and friendships, even while you are aging... You can remain smart, witty and social. 

You can discover real purpose for your days while helping the world for the Greater Good. You can also choose a simple peaceful lifesyle. 

In Retirement, it's time to take back our lives!

Embrace Life Right Where You Are... 


(NAMS14 conference, April 2016)

My Mission for Retirement-Online: 

This site supports retirees in finding perfect-for-you, purposeful or laidback lifestyle.  Find solutions to your most pressing problems... and kick retirement anxiety to the curb.

I want to help you consider your options for a happier retirement lifestyle that is all about YOU. So many options, so much life, just gotta open your eyes to see it all. 

I sincerely hope you find the nugget you need to carry you forward in retired life! Please get involved to learn more about your own retirement, share your retirement problems, and help other retirees simply by sharing and commenting on their pages. We can do this, TOGETHER!

It's time to Get Real!  

We still have lots to contribute to this world!

Retirement Rocks!

To a Happy, Productive Retirement! 

P.S. I retired in April 2010 after twenty-five years as a Retirement Manager (and 35+ years with my local government employer). Post-retirement, I have worked on this website. More about me here. As a retirement enthusiast for over 35 years, I have experienced my own retirement transition and many others too. I survived and you will too.