Frequently Asked Questions

Hey World, WHY Can't I Sleep?

So many retirees have retirement anxiety and simply seek some retirement advice.

My site provides caring advice, from Wendy (your retirement coach), but also from retirees worldwide who have "been there and done that" before you!

HECK -- just knowing you are not alone in your thoughts is a BIG STEP!

I ask retiree visitors to take my Retirement Survey... and I hope you will too!

The most Frequently Asked Questions are:

What is YOUR Retirement Anxiety or Fear?
Retirement Transition: Who am I now, and What do I do all day?
Money: Low income, Not enough savings, Will it Last?
Lonely: Need friends, No family/friends or they are just too busy
Health Issues: Yours or Your Partner
No Energy: No Focus, No Goals, just day by day living...
Please Specify:
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This is my quick poll using the TOP 5 Reasons Retirees Need Retirement Planning Help from my longer Retirement Survey (above).

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27% -- Retirement Transition: Who Am I Now and What Do I Do All Day?

26% -- No Energy, No Purpose, No Focus, No Goals:  What can I do All Day, Every Day to find Purpose and Meaning in Life again? I can't just sit here!

20% --Lonely; Family & Friends Busy: How do I find new friends this late in life? -- OR -- How do I fix this marriage post-retirement (and fast)? Yes, you can be lonely despite being married!

15% -- Money Issues: How to deal with my Low Income and Not Enough Savings? How do I make ends meet? -- OR -- I saved, but Will It Last? What happens when I run out?

10% -- Health Issues: Oodles of questions here, Oodles of health issues!

2% -- Other

I am working on answers to all of your questions!