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This page is about Senior Citizen Pen Pals - allowing you to crow a little bit about senior pals you have found on this site.

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On this page, you can write about pals you have met online, or you can write about a specific pen pal buddy that just is a great friend and you want to tell them you really really appreciate their friendship.

If you'd like to read more about pen pals, different methods to find senior pen pal friends are here.

I also want to add any negative experiences... this is not to name names on someone you don't want to communicate with any longer. Instead this is to report scammers who are out to scam seniors of money, friendship.  I want to be sure seniors see how these emails are written so they realize from the get-go, they are SCAMS.


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    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    Great Website! 
    Hello! First of all I am very thankful for finding and making friends with two people on this site. We have been pals for the last year and half. …

    Looking for pen pal from around the world 
    well I like to chat with people from all over the world, I am married to a wonderful man. I have 6 children 23 grand kids and the 3 great grand kids. I …

    Alone after many years 
    I am alone after many years. Just moved to Mississippi and don't know many people. I spend a lot of time on the computer and what a better way to meet …

    Age 91 and Still Writing! 
    At age 91, I am still working as a consulting engineer and enjoying the work and respect that clients show me. Although I use the gym to exercise several …

    Senior Pen Pals... and Life! 
    Just thought I would share my recent experiences with the readers on here . I retired years ago from farming a hard but rewarding life! I was married …

    I am a single lady of 55. Im working, driving every day to work and love to travel, for years I used to joined tours for overseas trips but last month …

    Senior Pen Pal Thoughts from Retired Farmer 
    I would like to encourage all those retired people that are considering being a senior pen friend to give it a go! I have made a small circle of good …

    Senior Pen Pals 
    I joined senior pen pals but where do I get to the list of people I can e mail? where do I get to the list of senior pen pals I can email. I cannot …

    Senior Pen pal 
    Hello Wendy I have been so lucky to have a pen pal writing to me Thank you for the pen pal ads. I don't want to appear greedy but I am so enjoying writing …

    Senior Pen Pals... the order listed? 
    I was just wondering why the new seniors aren't put at the beginning of the your new list of pen pals? Some of the names that have previously been listed …

    Senior Pen Pals is something that I love 
    The year was 1980 ~ we had just moved into our new home on the Central Coast ~ it was the most perfect home and in the future years we thought it would …

    Senior Pen Pals: I remember you! 
    Wendy- if you can see this please read. I believe I know you because I use to pen-pal years ago. You had a pen friend news-paper and I subscribed. I …

    Senior Pen Pals: Thank you! 
    I can't begin to tell you, Wendy, how finding your site has filled many an empty hour... I e/mail regularly 4 people I found on your pen-friend page... …

    Sincere Friendship 
    I don't understand why as a single lady at the age of 55 is so difficult to find a sincere friend, especially pals. Most of them thinking that a single …

    Senior Pals: Fun and Friendship 
    I have had a very wonderful experience because of picking up a pen pal from your site. Started corresponding with a lady in Alabama and we seemed …

    Senior Pen Pals: contact with other seniors?? 
    where is the list of others on this site wishing to contact other seniors?? Wendy: Senior Pen Pals and instructions are here.

    I retired 14 years ago but continue to work on my hobby, writing books, paintings, paint greeting cards and teach children to paint. I have done a large …

    Senior Pen Pals: why don't they write back? 
    Hi Wendy, I would like you to tell me what you think about a person who says they are interested in being a pen pal and then you don't hear from them? …


    Senior Pen Pal query 
    Hi Wendy ,do we not still have the method of contacting people from other countries ,in the same format as you once had ??? Merv Henning Wendy: …

    Senior Snail Mail Pals -
    can change lives
    I have a wonderful pen pal in New York, named Lin H. In 2006, I got a call from her, frantic because her mom was in a nursing home, and was starving …

    Seeking Younger Retirees as Pen Pals 
    Hi Wendy, This isn't exactly a question on retirement per se, however, do you ever have younger retirees, such as 50-55 years of age, on your website? …

    Senior Pen Pals 
    Life is full of surprises! When you get an email saying you have won lots of money.... or they have a huge amount in a bank in some unusual country and …

    Retirement Social Groups by email? 
    How do i become part of a social email group? I do not use Windows Messenger--i use ATT/Yahoo to send and receive emails. Wendy If you are talking …

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