Find a Senior Pen Pal!

 Interested in finding new senior pen pals?

In today's internet world, we can write to someone across the nation or worldwide, in our later years, and find true friendships! How cool is that!?

Check out this email I got May 2010 from Jo in the UK, age 78... THIS is why I do this! Thank you, Jo, for making my day!

"Thank you for your email. I have had a quick look at your website, and found it very good and helpful. I sent a couple of emails off to people, and have already received a reply from one of them. I can't tell you how pleased I am that my daughter sent your website for me to look at. You are doing such a good job in trying to help senior people to lead a more fulfilling and happier life. You must have a very kind nature. Thank you again. Regards Jo"

If you've found a new friend using this site, I'd love to hear about your new Senior Pal!

Senior Pals are no longer published directly on website pages. Scammers and other frauds started to write to seniors asking for money... and that just can't happen.

My intent is to provide a safe, secure place for Seniors to enjoy chatter with other seniors - this is not senior dating, but senior friendships online. 

Retirement Community: Senior Pen Pal Community

How This Now Works: I started a Senior Pen Pal Community... it's a paid community now.  Click the link to read lots more on how the community pages work.

  • Write to retiree in a group or forum: all posts are available to all members in a group discussion format
  •  Write to a senior on their own personal page: these posts are visible to all, but written to one person and shown on their personal page 
  •  Send a private message to retiree on their own page: this is where you might swap private email addresses or your home address, and keep it private between you both
  • Search the members page for any keyword: your location, a hobby keyword, or age and find pals to connect with
  •  Upload photos or look at photos already uploaded: find a cat photo, click it to see who posted, click on their name and write to them - simple!
  •  Join a group: Book lovers, Artsy folks, Rants, whatever suits your  fancy, just jump in and connect with others who enjoy the same!

Thanks for your cooperation! 

Happy Writing!


P.S. Just a reminder, Senior Scams happen via emails. You will find many new senior pals via my website, but it is always possible that something isn't true. As with any friendship, be careful until you really know someone. It's really just common sense.. right?