Senior Job: I own a Used Book Store

by John R

I worked in the fast lane in the corporate world for many years of my life.

I started as a young hotshot in a beginning level job of the company. I worked my way up (thankfully the company liked to promote people from within the company to higher positions).

I, however, loved my job, unlike a lot of people who start their story with that line. I enjoyed the thrill of the job, the speed and the rush of it all.

But after retirement I needed something different. And that is exactly what I did.

Now I own a used bookstore. The idea for change came from the desire to be close to my books. I have always been a collector and it seemed like an ideal job for me.

The logistics are pretty simple. I own the building I live in. The bottom story I turned into the store.

My first stock of books that I started with was the books that I had collected over the years. Most of them weren't even antiques when I got them. Its funny that brand new books that I got as kids are now considered old and valuable.
Other books I acquire going to state auctions at cheap prices.

Since I own the place, my rent never goes up. I can keep whatever hours I like. And most importantly I have a very short commute since I live just upstairs.

As a job I keep the store open seven days a week but I open late in the day.

I work with my wife which keeps us both close and busy. I myself keep busy by reading some of my books. The job isn't to earn money, although the added bucks are only a good thing.

It's mostly to keep busy, to do what I love, to exercise my brain and my imagination, and to be happy.

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