Retired: Your new job is Social Director for you.

by Dave in Campbell

Something I’m slowly finding out is that we retired folks must go out, seek and find things that will make us happier and feel more fulfilled. We can’t wait for happiness to come to us.

For most of us, when we worked every day, our daily schedules were pretty much planned for us by our employers and the projects we were working on. We HAD to get started every morning.

Even if you were self employed, you had a certain routine you did automatically on a regular basis and certain associates you dealt with. And that is what most of us are missing after we retire.

For the first several months, it’s easy to enjoy all your leisure time and sleep in, and relax. But shortly thereafter, our minds start needing the daily stimulation and social contact that we had when we worked. It’s sorta like our "mental metabolism " is still in high gear and needs constant activity. And it’s difficult to slow down and smell the roses.

But there will not be a social director who shows up at our door each day, with planned activities for us. We all have to learn to do that ourselves. But that’s easier said than done, huh? However, this website is a great place for us to try to exchange ideas and help each other make the best. Some of us will need more help than others.

Many others have often suggested the volunteering routine and some other things. I think a big effort you need to make is to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE as often as you can.

Take those walks around your neighborhood, go to a mall or a downtown street and just browse the shops, stop and get coffee, … Once a week, get in your car take a half day trip to no place in particular. Just somewhere new.

That may not sound so exciting and fulfilling to start. Eventually you are going to bump into someone who may be doing the same thing you are and maybe just set a once a week get together to talk.

We all just need to "keep on keepin’ on.

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Early out
by: Paul/Baltimore

I ended up retiring at age 50 due to health. After a year or two of recovery I slowly tried different hobbies. I finally realized why I chose the career I went into and the things I missed about it as time went on.

I now do woodwork restoration and rebuild old tube radios and b&w tv's. I enjoy what I began to do at an early age before work got in the way.

For socializing I go to the gym, friends, day trips, or just get out for a bit.

Wendy: Just had to bold that... so true! Consider your interests from way back then, and get them back into your life!

by: Paul/Brighton, Ontario.

Good information Dave. Yes, try to keep busy, it is good for you physically and mentally. Thank you for the guidance and information.

Keeping Busy
by: Anonymous

I wish Wendy would do that too. I have a part-time business but lost my husband eight months ago. I need to meet new people. I am lonely. I am trying various things. There must be a lot of single widowed divorced or otherwise folks out there who are older, partially retired or disabled. Everyone needs things to do to keep them going.

Thank you!
by: AMV/MO

Well said, Dave. Exactly what I needed!!!

Thank you!

social director
by: Cindi H NC

Well said, Dave. I've always found that once you make yourself get out, it all gets easier. First few times may feel awkward like people are looking at you - that you're out of place, but then it gets easier and your world expands.

Social Director
by: Wendy UK

Totally concur with all your comments

Self Motivation
by: Goldie/Florida

Thank you Dave. You are so right!

Keep on Keepin' On
by: Nancy

I agree with the comments you make. No one is going to come knocking on your door, so you have to make the effort to get yourself out there as often as you can and make the effort to meet people when ever and where ever you can.

I do some volunteering, play cards twice a week and play bingo once a week. While these activities give me things to do there is still a lot of empty hours to fill. I wish Wendy would set up a blog that will give all the people who use this site the means to list and share their volunteer experiences as well as other activities that keep them busy. We may be able to pick up some ideas to use ourselves.

Anyways, keep doing what you're doing, and happy travels.

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