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Have you seen the movie The Bucket List movie?  

Jack Nicholson, the millionaire, and Morgan Freeman, a car mechanic are strangers, in the same hospital room. After conversations about life,  they both write Bucket Lists. Against their doctor's advice, the men leave the hospital and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s a great movie!

I think all Retirees need a Bucket List! Yep, I do!

A bucket list will help you find and acknowledge those activities that mean the most to you. Life doesn’t last forever. Why not consider what you've always hoped to do, make it realistic and doable, and make a plan! 

Let's create a bucket list today — anyone game?

Let's Play RETIREE BUCKET LIST and begin to define our retired futures! It will be interesting to see what YOU would put in your own Bucket List and to view the Bucket List examples from retirees who post their list! 

The Bucket List Movie: Jack and Morgan did this... you should too! 

Have different types of items within your bucket list. You might include a few physical challenges, like going to the gym daily for 90 consecutive days, taking a dance class, or running a marathon. You might have a few adventures, like scuba diving on the barrier reef or hang gliding. It might be fun to include a few intellectual and travel items. Maybe you’ve always want to learn how to play guitar.

Keep it meaningful. Some things are impressive to others, but might not be meaningful to you. Avoid choosing items just to impress others. Worry about impressing yourself.

Keep the list short. You don’t have time to do everything that sounds appealing. Keep your age in mind — choose ten activities that you really can accomplish in your lifetime.

Make One Item a Done Deal! It might be to go skydiving or rent a limo for the evening. There’s no time like the present to check an item off your bucket list. Give yourself a quick feeling of achievement.

Have few items that are relatively easy to achieve. Some of the best things can be simple and easy. Traveling to Europe is easier than swimming the English Channel in December. Give yourself a few easier goals and gain some momentum. Have bucket list items that range in difficulty from easy to difficult.

You don’t have to create your list in a single sitting. Assuming it will take years to check off all the items, your list will change.  We all change every day, so it’s only reasonable to expect your list to change, too. No Biggie… just change it!

Look at other bucket lists for ideas. There are countless lists available online for viewing.... and in no time at all, the Retiree Bucket Lists (below) will be inspirational to many! 

Consider the benefits of making a bucket list. It’s not only fun to brainstorm, but you can also lay out a framework for the future. A bucket list should be required for every retiree!

Why the heck not?

Perhaps this is the missing link for retirement with no purpose?

Write your Bucket List, do some items now, this year. Plan ahead to do a few other next year, each item is a goal, figure out how you will get there - -and do the work to check off those Bucket List items!

Go for it. I challenge you to Go Forth and Write Bucket Lists! 

What might YOUR Bucket List include? Add your TOP TEN below!

Share your top ten bucket list items here!

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