Finding Happiness in Retirement

How the HECK do you find happiness in Retirement?

First, I think it depends on your own definition of Happiness. 

Happiness has many definitions. Please do not follow what your family, friends or neighbors believe is happiness -- find your own way to this happy state. 

Psychologists attempt to many who cannot find Happiness.  It's not about  money, though good finances can alleviate worries in retirement. Those without much still can have contentment and fun community activities in retirement. We've all see these folks on this site... content in life!

In retirement, we can either retire and let life happen... OR we take control and Reinvent Our Lives to find our best possible lifestyle. Yes, this takes work but this IS the rest of your life!

Why not consider all your possibilities instead of taking that back seat to life?

What can you do TODAY to help your retired future feel brighter?

Even small gestures towards your well-being will help!  

  • Take a silly bubble bath
  • Attend a free community event for people watching
  • Bake Nestles Toll House cookies (break apart and bake)
  • Go to a comedy movie
  • Eat out at an unexpected new local restaurant
  • Plan and do a day trip
  • Write your story on this site for retiree feedback

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