Workplace Stress and Retirement

by Joe Parenti
(Chicago area)

I decided to read your post for a couple of reasons which I'm sure would not be as important to you as they are to me.

I am getting ready to retire, I am 62, will be 63 in March. I work for a municipality here in the Chicago area, I am just coming off of my 3rd surgery due to the job, meaning they were job related injuries. The manual labor does not fit my body any longer. The new administration is another reason I am making the move to retire.

With the new admin, the work force labors are in constant dispute with workers rights, after a talk with my family at last nights intervention, I have taken this fight to people that I shouldn't have, I have become a very short fused person.

I believe that retiring will lift some of that burden from me. Does this situation some familiar to you, did you go thru any of this before retiring.... I have to make this right....

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by: BOB

I have been in my industry for 44 years and in my current marketplace for 21.

The company I was working for got sold 2 years ago and the new owner seemed thrilled for me to be part of their team.

The executive vice president does not feel that way and is making my life miserable.

I only have 18 months to go before I retire and I feel like I am expending an enormous amount of effort just to avoid the politics. I hate politics.

Teaching the future generation
by: Kae from Canada

Hi Joe

I understand what you are saying and a bit of how you are feeling regarding being pushed out, or being made to feel redundant, especially after a quarter century of contribution.

I just wanted to comment that elders have an opportunity to stress to the younger members in our family that it is paramount to put money away for retirement. We can't put total trust in employers because business plans change, economy is up and down, and many more reasons too numerous to list.

I'm sorry for your circumstance and hope you remember to breathe deeply, make yourself smile, and remember how much you still have to offer. Just not to the Municipality it seems.

by: Ricardo

Joe, I am a bit older than you, and have not as yet had any major health problems. I also work for a municipality and am winding down after some thirty eight years.

I think some of the emotions that you may be feeling may have to do with the circumstances revolving around how you are leaving your employer. I am fortunate in that I am leaving on MY terms, no one is pushing me out the door. I am not leaving because of down sizing, ill health, or any other reason other than for me it is time, and they are "my terms."

I think that makes a whole lot of difference in how one feels when they are in control over their future, and they eventually leave their employer.

I am one of the fortunate ones. I can understand somewhat how you may feel kind of thrown to the side or discarded after working at your position for some time. You are not in control of the decision, and your immediate future lies in the hands of someone else.....not a pleasant feeling!

You are not alone, many individuals our age have given their "all" to one, or many employers and been shown the door so to speak. Try not to take it to heart.

Remember.... it is not what happens to us in this life, but rather how we respond that makes all the difference in the world!

Best of luck...take a day at a are NOT alone!

Hey Joe.. it's not just you!
by: Wendy,

I don't know your complete situation or what is happening at your work place. I do know that MANY employees are kinda "pushed out" near retirement.

I did retirement for 25 years for a local government and many were forced out. No, they didn't HAVE to leave, but it was miserable for them if they chose to continue working.

On the outside, co-workers thought the new retiree was happy to retire. He/she smiled through it all, yep, freedom at last!!

But the reality was, behind closed doors, they told me that they were being pushed out.

Even more so today -- in the political climate and with today's economy, I think they want the long term employees out. IT helps financially too -- they can pay the new hire less, reorganize a department and delete some positions, pay lesser benefit levels, whatever!

Have you checked out your pension and health care benefits? Can you make it? Will you draw your Social Security right away?

Best Wishes... just remember: Its NOT YOU!

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