Nursing Home Ombudsman: Walking In...

by Jeff Hall
(Findlay, Ohio)

I am an Ombudsman in my state and I enjoy walking into nursing homes and just setting down and talking to people. From time to time I might ask a question or two, but many times I just listen to what is being said.

Many times it looks like two old men just talking the day away, but I am looking and watching all the time.

If a light comes on, how long is it before someone comes to check on a person. When I stay for a meal is the food good and warm or cold and bad. Is there an odor in the building or is someone setting in a wheelchair for hours on end with no one to talk to them. I have seen it all and I have also seen changes being made to improve the quality of life for people.

When you volunteer to become an Ombudsman, you are working to make a better life for everyone that lives and works in these centers.

I enjoy doing this and the rewards are great in so many ways.

Wendy: I LOVE THIS IDEA! You, personally, get out of your home, the residents love to talk to someone and your listening is what they crave most, and in the end, they benefit from your keen observances and reporting back.

Thanks for making a difference in this world.

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Also an Ombudsman - some advice
by: Anonymous

I am also a certified Ombudsman in NY State. It is important to note that the Ombudsman is actually an extension of the State Department of Health. So, if there is a problem at the facility and it is not being rectified, the Ombudsman can report the issue to the DOH. NY State takes this very seriously and I have been pleased with their response.

I do want to mention that, although this can be a rewarding role, it is also mentally taxing.

Many of the residents have concerns and it is difficult to ascertain which are real and which are the result of potential dementia. A close relationship with the facility social worker can help in this area tremendously.

Lastly, I had to take a break from this role because my dad was in Long term care and my mom was in assisted living. It was too much for me - I felt overwhelmed by being there for my parents and others. My dad just passed, so I am considering returning to the role, hopefully as a better Ombudsman, given what I have learned with my dad.

It is a wonderful way to give back.

I don't want to be in one.
by: Eva

My sister and I visited an elderly lady, and seems they(the staff) were doing their job for awhile, then when she grew weaker, and was moved to another part in the nursing facility they were not as attentive to her.

She was in hospice care, but seemed no one cared. Her son could bring it up, and still nothing was done, and he choose not to bring her home. And I could smell urine as soon as I walked in the door most days.

I don't know if this happens everywhere, but it seems to in this county.

by: Anonymous

People SIT down! Objects SET!!

Wendy: Ha! I publish whatever someone writes -- sometimes with spelling errors corrected, often without. I want to show the gist of the real retiree posting on my site... thus, it is "as is".

My website friends disagree, thinking the site should be correct. However, if that were true, I could rewrite most posts and they'd all sound like ME and not the retiree posting!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Thank YOU ~ very much ~ my career in nursing was always with the elderly ~ hospital, long term care, nursing home, retirement home, community care etc.

We, in different communities, NEED people like u in these places to focus on the clients / patients. Many people do not know the difference until they start looking for somewhere to put their MOM or DAD, Sick brother or sister, then they r in for a rude awakening?

Caregivers of these people are overwhelmed with all they have to contend with during this process. By caregivers l mean FAMILY, the people responsible for their loved ones as they age & r not well. And most times the ill family member can't or doesn't know how to convey a message that they may be being mistreated in one way or another. Or things that should be done r not being done.

So GOD BLESS U & PEOPLE LIKE U FOR YOUR EYES AND EARS ~~~ U r an angel on this planet~~

Thank u again!

onbudsman position sounds great
by: Anonymous

Great position.

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