Aging Gracefully
(as an Aging Rebel)

Aging Gracefully -- but with a twist. I wrote about aging mindset here and offer a free book download from SUNY (N.Y. University). 

We need to be Aging Rebels, maybe Aging Ninjas! We will age, no doubt about that, but we can age effectively.  We can question, become aware, and simply not live the status quo aging lifestyle!

Let's change our mindsets from fear and anxiety to Thriving in Retirement.

I will send retirement ideas, tips and affirmations to help move your mindset forward in life! 

Free affirmations you can use to change your mindset.

We need to defy what aging stands for, even start a new anti-aging mindset! This is my second site, now I need time to work on it more!

Aging gracefully is an art... successful aging is quite doable for all of us. How does age define you? 

Some things are simply beyond our control... we will age.

Why not look at aging in later life as simply another stage in life? Don't freak out about it. Instead, be grateful you are still on this earth! 

We are blessed to live another day. We all know many family and friends who didn't make it to our age... we are blessed!

Now, let's make the most of our time!

John wrote a blog post on 70 Going on 20. He has completely evolved his aging mindset. So proud of him!

Read Irwin's post on What would your 90 Year old self tell you...

Wendy wrote about WHAT IF I live to age 100?

Work in Nursing? Have a family member or friend in a nursing situation? I have a downloadable PDF file of the Cranky Old Man Poem... please share it with friends. Aging Matters!

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Surprised and Thrilled to find this AGING JOURNAL on Amazon! What can get better than a workbook to get through this mindset stuff?

Courageous Aging Personal Journal: Reimagining Your Best Possible Future (Wendy's site)

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There are oodles of young people who are old.
There are oodles of old people who are young!

Isn't that so darn true? Isn't age, to some extent, based on your perspective of life?

Sometimes, I meet someone my age and think that person lived a hard life... they look old, they have an old attitude, and simply seem down and depressed. That's not how I want to age.

 Age is NOT just a number, it's an attitude too!

Let's age gracefully together...

Aging Gracefully: Young-Old, Old-Old, Oldest-Old

OK, enough fun... on to Aging with Baby Boomers in mind.

One concept: Some gerontologists believe in different categories of aging seniors:

  • Young-Old - age 65 - 74 
  • Old-Old - 75 - 84  
  • Oldest-Old - over age 85

These ages are ever increasing, just like our own life expectancies. Please don't let a number define you!

As we age, we can choose to be happy, busy, and fulfilled in retirement. You can also choose to be unhappy, a couch potato, and living a boring retirement.

LIFE is a choice -- your own choice -- and it's all about attitude. Even in your mid-80s, you can choose to stay home or get out of the house to interact with your community. It's all about choices...

You CAN live a more authentic-to-you, positive, engaged lifestyle in retirement!

Aging Statistics

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Here are some aging statistics, and some retirement statistics on aging  to show how quickly the older generation is growing.

Then, some stats on the baby boomers, separated into the younger boomers, middle boomers and older boomers. 

Boomers grew up in very different eras as this page will reveal!

Younger Baby Boomers: born between 1959 to 1964

Middle Baby Boomers: born between 1952 to 1958

Older Baby Boomers: born between 1946 and 1951

How to Control Aging: Functional Age

What IS Functional Age? This is where you can learn how to achieve healthy aging.

Your chronological age is your age based on your birth year. Your functional age is based on how your body functions.  To some extent, you can control how your body ages. 

You can take control over keeping both mentally and physically active. You can eat better. You can exercise (there are many ways to move your body to keep it well). Get enough sleep. There is always something we can do, if we truly care to, to age better. Right?

We all age differently.

Some folks at age 65 might function like a 50-year old... others like age 75. You want to look like you are younger, or even your real age, not older, right?

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How to Control Aging: Subjective Age

What is Subjective Age? It's how you view yourself... again, your Aging Mindset and Attitude Matters!

Some folks at age 75 feel young and stay very active and have fun with life. Others feel old and defeated at 55. Why is that? How sad is that?

People in different age groups subjectively classify folks as old. Remember when you were age 10 and your parents and teachers (age 30-40) were "old"?At age 40, you might consider those retired as "old" but might consider your boss at age 50-60 as still full of vim and vigor. It depends on their view of themselves and their looks and actions too.

Count your blessings -- look for them, I bet there are many! Gratitude does wonders for your mindset!

How will you age? Can you change your mindset to find new opportunities and adventures in life?

Do you know that those opportunities really make you alive again!

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Brain Age

What is your Brain Age? Keep that brain a-thinking! 

Aging Brain... some great articles and videos for you!

Food that increases my energy levels... Seriously!

What can you do to keep your brain in prime condition?  You can read and learn new things, write a blog or website, write a kindle book, work or volunteer, anything to keep your mental abilities... it's important to your well-being!

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Happiness Vs. Depression in Aging

Seek out new challenges -- life changes as we live it and our attitude towards change makes or breaks our new retired life.  We need to take control over our own happy retirement.

Life is short: don't let yourself go there! Depression hurts. Read more about anxiety and depression after retirement here.

Aging Gracefully requires the right attitude... aging is inevitable but we can sure have fun while we live it!

Alzheimer's Disease

Sept 21st is National Alzheimers Day! I never knew that... check out this image to learn more about the statistics of Alzheimers.

IF you need to help someone with Alzheimers, I've written about it here. 

Seniors Talk about Aging 

Brother Bon, a monk from Germany, writes about Christian seniors and life. He turned age 75 in 2012 and is doing great, despite bouts of depression.

Irwin writes about Aging: a time to find our passion in life. If you read his personal story, he is quite an inspiration, just like Brother Bon.

My friend, Pete, wrote about his view on life at age 80. He died just a few years later but it's nice to see he was quite content with life at 80.

Check out one group of women and their  comments on aging and friends. Your friends can pull you through the tough times and give you great JOY in the good times! 

Thoughts on aging - What makes you start feeling old? and when do you feel young again? Read what other retirees think...

Eyes and Ears

If you have vision problems, and yet you LOVE your computer - this these large print keyboards. You can buy little stickers for the keys too, cheap and so effective!

Take care of your hearing... deafness isn't the norm. One little hearing aid and nobody knows!  Don't miss out on life happening around you, just because you can't hear well.

Mobility and Simply Getting Around

Jean gained her independence with her senior citizen scooter.  Barb wrote about Scooters here.

Aging Quotes and Jokes!

Aging Quotes - funny and thought provoking!

Aging Jokes - hey, we might as well laugh at ourselves as we age!

Aging Gracefully isn't always easy, but it is definitely do able. Learn something new. Join a new book club. Create an "Out to Lunch Bunch" and have some FUN conversation... just don't sit there!

Share your two cents on Aging...

When do you feel old? When do you feel young?

Do you have an experience to share with others to put "aging" into perspective? It is what you make of it, and sometimes getting older is for the dogs, other times you might just enjoy that serenity and wisdom that comes with age!

Check out what previous visitors have said about AGING!

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