Declutter Your Retired Mind

Is your mind running YOU in circles?

Declutter Your Retired Mind

This ebook could help you chill out that never-ending mind chatter. I sincerely hope it does!

I am coaching you via this ebook... baby step by baby step.  

Anyone can read a book, but without taking real action, it doesn't mean much and it surely can't change your life.

I hope you will take this book to heart -- do the work and change your life! I took the time and effort to write it -- you do your part and take action. 

I ask you to take real action -- because I know how many books and classes I have purchased, and wasted my hard earned money. 

I will help you to move you forward towards a healthier, decluttered, peace-of-mind retired life.  Getting the "stuff" off your mind will help tremendously in so many parts of your life!

Table of Contents:


The Primary Causes of Mental Clutter 

  • Your Home Environment
  • People
  • Distractions 
  • Thoughts 
  • Mental Habits
  • Everyday Stress
  • Decisions
  • Unfinished Business

Dealing with Thought-Based Clutter

  • Your Breath is the Key
  • Overcome Negative Thoughts
  • Clarify Your Retired Purpose


Declutter Your Retired Mind book 

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