Senior Scams

This page will grow as I find Senior Scams to alert you about.

There are sooo many senior scams on the internet. It makes me ill that some folks make a living off others who don't know they are playing the game...

Just like terrorism, you can't stop living because of terrorist threats. For the same reason, I can't stop offering Senior Pen Pals simply because there are some bad senior scams out there. I have developed my own Senior Community to help you to find new friends via my site. Safely!

However, If you get an email that sounds like it's a senior scam, if they ask you for personal info, THINK TWICE! You can report any internet scams to the Federal Trade Commission and they take care of it. 

Scammers have sent thousands of emails that appear to be from the FTC, but are not. These emails to business people claim that complaints have been filed against their companies. If you get an unexpected email that claims to be from the FTC and asks you to click on a link or attachment for information about consumer complaints, delete it. Don't open it. Don't click on the links. If you do, it may install malware on your computer.

You can learn lots more from the Consumer Information site.

(See the .gov? - that means this is a government site to help you).

Scams are often targeted at seniors because older folks are often more trusting and just might be more vulnerable to the senior scam. I hope anyone reading this knows I can always be contacted if you think you found a scam. I will try to help!

Here are common scams committed against seniors:

Phishing. You probably never even heard this word... well, it means receiving emails that LOOK like they are legitimately from your bank or some other organization. The email asks for social security or other sensitive information. However, they are used to steal your identity. Beware! Usually these emails even the bank’s logo, and look totally convincing. Don't believe it! Make a quick phone call first!

Over the years, I've received emails several times from Good Friends who are suddenly overseas and lost their wallet. The first time, I almost sent money. I was shocked she was stuck somewhere. Oddly enough, the friend that emailed me was a world traveler, so it seemed reasonable that this could really happen to her. BUT it was a scam. After this first time, I've received several others and usually just advise the person... they don't even know their email account was stolen, and that everyone in their address book was sent the email asking for help! Bottom Line: Even if your good friend or family asks for odd information or money, don't do it.. call them first!!

Foreign Lotteries. If you get a call or email saying you won money in a lottery from another country... if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! The real catch: you usually have to send money upfront, before they can send you the winnings. We all know this doesn't sound right.. don't let the idea of great winnings go to your head! Finally, believe it or not, sometimes you will even receive a phony check. These are illegal.

Phony Charities. This one really caught my eye as my 85-year old mother donates to oodles of charities by mail. The gets lots of calendars, address labels, and all that. These charity scams might appear to be police or fire departments, but they are scams getting money for a fake charity.

To protect yourself, always check with your Better Business Bureau on a new a company or a charity that you are not familiar with.

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