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Are YOU Running on Old Software?

Why Oh Why are so many Retirees UnHappy?

Retirement and Aging Happens. That's simply life. However, there is a better way to live as we age and it all begins with mindset.

The Problem: We all have old software running circles in our brains. Old beliefs that no longer apply but we still hold them dear.

Enough -- time to change!

The Solution: Practice changing your old programming. You don't need that mind clutter. Let's declutter the brain (your subconscious mindset), dump your old limiting beliefs, and rediscover our new retired selves! 

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What will you do, all day, every day, to feel happy and fulfilled? You need purpose in life, yes, even in later life, even if in small doses! 

Humans simply weren't made to do nothing. You can find contentment and joy in retirement... but with purposeful actions.  Shift your retirement attitude with me -- let's find the small pleasures in life and enjoy our freedom again!

Heck -- we haven't had this freedom for most of life! Why on earth would we guilt ourselves now, for past employment issues, lost family and friends, and so much more? Please don't do that to yourself!

Please Please -- don't let your subconscious mindset control you. You've collected these visions of how things should be -- then you fall apart when life doesn't fall exactly into place, as imagined.

This happens throughout life, but when you are employed, you have little time to stew about it. In retirement, you think and worry and make it even worse.

Your subconscious tries to protect you -- even when you don't want protecting from new challenges and fun!

Listen to Marisa Peer, TED Talk, on how your crazy mind tries to protect you -- from what you WANT in life

You simply must take 15 minutes out of your day to watch this video -- this is a mind blowing explanation on how your mind can actually stop you from life. You can end procrastination in retirement if you simply Believe in Yourself! 

Whether you want to be more involved in life -- or less (being content with life itself) -- it is your mind that stops you from a busy involved lifestyle or a joyful peaceful existence!

1) Tell your mind exactly what you want. This is not simply positive thinking. You can seriously Rewire your brain and DUMP that old programming. This takes effort but is so well worth it.

2) Link massive pleasure to getting what you really do want, and pain to remaining as is (instead of the norm, being held hostage to old programming, and accepting). Develop your I CAN DO THIS attitude... because you certainly can!

3) Make the familiar UN-familiar. No more "same ole life". Take small steps to reprogram to what is unfamiliar and a new challenge (and your mind doesn't allow you to go there). Don't simply listen to the lecture, take action.

You Retire. Where are you now?

  • Do you merely exist day to day with stress, anxiety, fear or depression?
  • Do you struggle with lack of friends, poor or failed relationships?
  • Are you frustrated and fed up with self-help books and courses that don't seem to work?
  • Are you experiencing health problems?
  • Do you suffer with low energy, no drive and lack of ambition?
  • Do you feel like no one cares and you are all alone in your suffering?
  • Are you happy or does your retired life look like a train wreck?

Let's Eliminate Self-Sabotage as we Age!
What the heck? Try something new!

I have personally studied self help books and audio programs for years now.

I really truly believe we only use a small portion of our mind... and we often use that incorrectly.

Your mind controls so much -- but has all this old garbage in it. Years spent picking up knowledge, much of it from unreliable circumstances and life's adventures...

Now, you've got the time, why not spend it on correcting your mindset and attitude so you can live your BEST retired lifestyle?

Knowledge is the keys to your retired years... Living Life the Way You'd Like it To Be!

  • Amazing health and vibrant energy.

  • Loving and caring relationships.
  • Experiencing true joy and happiness.
  • Emotional stability free of fear, worry, depression, anger, anxiety and stress.
  • Easily breaking bad habits.
  • The ability to quickly effect permanent change and experience fantastic personal growth.

What else might you want in life?  You can't get it by hoping and letting your crazy brain take hold of your whirling thoughts. 

Please try Meditation -- It's not easy but if you can get there, you will find peace and clarity of mind!

How Can I Help You to Age Gracefully?
Feel Fulfilled, Find Peace & Contentment?

Let me count the ways!

1)  I will publish everything I can to help you change your mindset so that you truly get all you can out of each and every day. I am publishing Affirmations, Ebooks and more...

2)  I hope you will consider submitting your own story on why you are stuck... readers with helpful ideas, as well as myself, will comment on your story. Remember -- it only takes one persons perfect words to change your world! 

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Best Wishes!