Aging Mindset

A better aging mindset helps retirees to thrive even as we age.  I believe we can live productive lives, and on our own terms too!

As a self-proclaimed Retirement Enthusiast, I totally LOVE retirement happiness stories. My happy place is working here, online, even with all the challenges I face with technology, etc.

Your happy place might be in a hammock listening to the birds chirp and a soft summer breeze washing over you. Everyone seeks something different, post-retirement, based on their own interests, lifestyle, and knowledge base.

This page is about productive, members of society, active retired people... like me! 

About Ram, author of the book

Recently I spoke to Ram Chugh, PhD, retired from SUNY (State University of New York). He had send me a copy of his book, The Power of SUNY Retirees: Lessons Learned from Over 100 Retirement Stories.

After a 32-year career at Potsdam University, he worked at The State University of New York (SUNY), where he headed the SUNY Retiree Services Corps. Chugh retired in 2013 after forty- three years of service in the SUNY educational system. He is now age 84 (officially he retired at age 79)! You can read a tribute to Ram here!

I thought I worked a long time for one employer (37 years with County government) but I retired at 55! Ram worked 43 years and retired at 79! AND he still isn't seriously retired... since publishing this free book, he is moving on to helping retirees with other needs. He isn't stopping, even at age 84.

During our conversation, he said "I believe in service." So do I.

Kudos to you, Ram!

Pssst! How To Stop Worrying... this is a post written by Ram.

The Power of SUNY Retirees:  Lessons Learned from Over 100 Retirement Stories.

Let me summarize WHY you might want to take the time to download and digest this book. First, it was published in 2018 so it's a new study. Second, they surveyed people from 2 years retired to many years retired... newer and older retirees, all enjoying retirement in some manner. The first three chapters are key. 

Chapter 1 - highlights the transition process most retirees generally go through in adjusting to retirement.

Chapter 2 - 102 actual retirement stories. Each story is fascinating, showing the challenges faced in transitioning to retirement.

Chapter 3 - recommendations from the retirees to employees planning to retire to help them better prepare for retirement. 

Stories from the Book

Just wanted to draw your attention to the unique stories you will read.

  • One man simply walks and talks to people on porches. I am sure he brings a smile to their face in those few minutes of human communications. So Simple.
  • A woman ran for an elected office and later became mayor. I've had the same experiences with some County retirees who chose to get involve politically post-retirement (some elected, others working for the party or consulting).
  • Another retiree teaches English to children overseas via the Peace Corps. 
  • One wrote a newspaper column called Life Lines (300 essays since 1997. He now is working on books though another university.
  • Joined Lions Club: husband became President and she was secretary.
  • After losing a son to cancer, one couple chose to start a cancer support group.

I will stop here but I just wanted to show you this book is a worthy read. So many ideas to get your brain in gear for what YOU might do in your community!

Download Options here

If you'd prefer more download options, besides the PDF version I linked to above, here they are!  The book is free in any download.

The Power of SUNY Retirees: Lessons Learned from Over 100 Retirement Stories By Ram Chugh

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