Beat the Retirement Blues
by Serving Others: 
Random Acts of Kindness

Welcome -- Welcome!

I am THRILLED that you chose to Take Action! Wooot!

As you likely know, I just did a ONE-MONTH challenge -- that was a real challenge in that I worked HARD daily, overcame a few of my business fears (or tried), and  interacted with other online biz owners which brought many new perspectives into my own life!

THAT experience is what I want for you! 

My sincere hope for this challenge is that all participants are truly interested in kicking the Retirement Blues to the Curb. 

All baby steps. Nothing too challenging. Daily actions that we all take -- together -- shared experiences that motivate us into new actions and better yet -- new life perspectives!

You took action and registered, and I am fully impressed. It's way too easy to hide, hoping this Blue feeling will dissipate.

You’ll get daily emails from me with links to a tip or a strategy designed to help you with the Retirement Blues AND ideas on how to be kind to those around you. 

The KEY to this CHALLENGE is the Facebook Group! This is where we will attempt MAGIC in defeating the Blues!

If you choose to go this alone -- if you don't join us there -- this workshop will likely prove to be simply words on a page.

It's the GROUP COACHING and interactions that help move us forward!

Groups provide motivation between members! Groups show progress and that momentum really rocks the group to more more more!

If you seriously want to get away from feeling BLUE in Retirement -- join the group and let's see if we can make some magic happen.

I’d like to invite you to join me over in our *Private* Facebook group where we’ll chat about the Blues.

Join the Facebook Group so we can chat about the Challenge. Get motivated, inspired and take action with the help of other participants!

Share your retirement blues experiences, how you struggle, and then take daily action -- by sharing with others what you did --  to provide motivation to them!  

-- OR -- 

Simply answer my questions as I send them to the group.

Either way --- Do the work. 

If you watch, and don't interact, I promise you -- you will not change at all. I can't help you. They can't help you. You would be invisible to us... right?

Please play along with us. This is group coaching -- but with tiny baby steps.

I'm not asking you to step out of your comfort zone (as I did in the 30-day challenge), but I am asking you to participate!