Beat the Retirement Blues
by Serving Others: 
Random Acts of Kindness

Retirement Blues and Random Acts of Kindness?

First, what the heck do the Retirement Blues have in common with Random Acts of Kindness?


I think so many are getting STUCK on the idea of Retirement anxiety and they need to get outside of themselves and into the world more. THUS— my 7 day challenge for you!

You likely know someone who has a chronic illness — some people go on living life and telling few about their problems. 

Many others LIVE that chronic illness — it can be their excuse, their identity, something they deeply and personally connect with that controls much of their life.

Retirement can be the same — do you want to live a happy content lifestyle?  Or do you prefer feeling bad because you are retired, you have no friends, nothing to do all day, and want to sit in the muck of a depressing retirement? 

THIS seriously IS a choice, your choice.

You took a big step to register for the 7-day challenge —

Make a commitment today that you will participate in the Facebook group — sharing your story or helping others conquer their Blues. Answer the questions which might bring deeper perspectives into your world — with or without the help of other members.

Sometimes, simply adding your own answers brings clarity to you. Other times, someone will add a comment that brings life suddenly into focus.

So WHAT will you do about it? Read on... Convince yourself that Random Acts of Kindness can seriously move you forward past your issues.

What are Random Acts of Kindness
& Why Do They Matter?

Random Acts of Kindness... you know what they are, right?

You’ve probably been the recipient of a random act of kindness in your lifetime.

Think back to an instance in which someone has helped you out of a tough situation when they could see you were having difficulty or when a friend simply paid you a compliment out of the blue. A sweet surprise like this can really make a difference.

 Did you also know such experiences can also be good for your health and overall well-being? It’s true. A random act of kindness can be a good deed, caring word, selfless act or small gift. Even a smile can brighten someone’s day. Take a look at some of the benefits of random acts of kindness. 

Encourage Gratitude

Doing something nice for someone else can make you feel grateful for your personal blessings. This is especially true when the recipient of your act is less fortunate than you or in a tough spot.

When you realize you’re able to give even the smallest bit of yourself to someone else, it shines perspective on the abundance you have in your life.

Gratitude in Life ROCKS!

Lower Stress

Sounds too simple? Stepping outside of ourselves in order to focus on someone else is another great way to gain renewed perspective. Helping someone pulls you away from your own blues, even if just for a few moments. In those few moments, you breathe a bit deeper, feel you accomplished something real, you helped someone.

Doing good just makes you feel better. It releases feel-good hormones and increases your happiness. Suddenly, your troubles may seem a bit less burdensome. 

Improved Mood

Ok, so you want to Beat Your Retirement Blues?

Numerous studies have shown a positive effect on your mood when people engage any kindness. With Random Acts of Kindness, you can do this anytime and anywhere. You’re bound to feel better about life in general when you do good deeds.

Improved mood, less anxiety and higher energy levels have all been linked to the performance of random acts of kindness.

In fact, research has demonstrated that the pleasure and reward centers of the brain actually light up in those who perform these acts in much the same way as they respond in the recipients. It even has a name, and that’s “helper’s high.”  THAT is why I added "Shine Your Light" to the title of this challenge -- your light is your brain shining brightly!

Happy Brain -- Happy Life!  :)

Less Pain

You might even feel physically better when you practice kindness. It’s been proven that endorphins are released in the brain after doing something for someone else.

Endorphins are hormones produced in the brain and nervous system. They’re often referred to as natural painkillers for their pain reducing abilities. 

When you are not great physically, you pay attention to every ache and pain. You might complain about it. You might tell others whats happening daily. The more  you focus on the issue, the more you feed it.

Feed your brain instead -- let it shine with endorphins!

Better Relationships

When you do something nice for another person, they will naturally recall that act with fondness. They, in turn, will react to the next person just a bit nicer, maybe with a smile, and you will too.

Random acts of kindness promote good feelings among people and increase connections. These bonds can lead to better relationships and lasting positive interpersonal results. 

Even if it's "just" your family member, if your grumpiness disappears, your whole interactions with them change and they become more loving towards you.

These are merely a handful of the rewards that come from doing random acts of kindness. Remember, it doesn’t matter how small the gesture. Doing good always makes a positive difference to both the giver and the recipient. 

Join the Facebook Group so we can chat about the Challenge. Get motivated, inspired and take action with the help of other participants!