Beat the Retirement Blues
by Serving Others: 
Random Acts of Kindness

Retirement Blues: Let's talk it out

So I know you are going out every day this week, sharing your bits of kindness with the world. Right?  Hey— I can't hear you — Right? :) 

Today — I ask: Do you have a friend you can chat with?

1) Call someone. Although you might not feel like speaking to someone, your blue mood and mindset offers the perfect time to reach out to another person.

 Call your brother or sister, or your best friend to ask how they're doing. A simple chat will revive you emotionally. Go ahead and pick up the phone… no texting allowed. You need a real voice at the end of that line.

2) Talk about your life. Do you have anyone to talk about your own feelings? It's important to voice your retirement concerns. It helps to speak your issues out loud, as it stops the never-ending self talk going on in your head. Speaking helps you clarify what's really happening… and that is where Coaches can help.

It's okay to tell someone you're feeling down and out. Communicating will help you nail down why you might be feeling the way you feel. Getting it off your chest will help your spirits rise. 

Don't hide it. We've all had our share of bad days, even the happy-go-lucky friend you assume has not a problem in the world.. believe me, they do!

Share a bit about your retirement blues and see if you feel a bit of relief!

Try Doing A Random Act Of Kindness Today

Even after yesterday’s list of ideas to get you started, you still may not be convinced you’re ready to go out there to spread unexpected joy in the world. I can understand that.

Giving without a special occasion or particular reason feels odd. You may worry about the reaction you’ll receive.

Let’s explore some of these issues so you can move on from your comfort zone and try a random act of kindness today. 

About Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness goes beyond simply being nice. Being kind is selfless. It requires empathy and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

In our busy modern world, people are consumed with hectic schedules and too many commitments. However, as retirees we have the time to spread random kindness, so why not?

We must look outside ourselves and consider the needs of others. Random acts of kindness require you to take the leap and do just that. These selfless acts are to be performed on behalf of others for no other reason than to make their day better or improve their mood. 

What's Holding You Back?

There are lots of things that could be keeping you from sharing random acts of kindness with others. Many people feel insecure about putting themselves out there and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in this way.

It takes courage and self-confidence (something many lack in retirement) to give freely to another with no agenda or particular reason. You’ll probably overcome this comfort once you begin to practice doing little acts here and there.

Sometimes people feel themselves to be unworthy. They may think others wouldn’t receive their gift without suspicion. It can be risky to take such a leap, but the rewards are usually worth it.  Most recipients are quite enthusiastic and happy to get such a surprise.

Maybe you just feel too wrapped up in your own needs that it seems impossible to spare anything for anyone else. THAT is the exact reason TO share kindness, as the more you live inside your head, the deeper you fail to live for others.

These small acts seriously help cure your retirement blues! Yes, your physical ills will still be there -- but if you can help your mental well-being with a few acts of kindness, why don't you?  

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Doing random acts of kindness take you out of your own little world and allow you to connect with others in meaningful ways.

This can have a very powerful effect on you, your recipient and anyone who sees or comes in contact with your efforts.

Performing unsolicited good deeds adds positivity to the world around you. It will rarely have negative repercussions.

Try taking just one small step outside your comfort zone to give to another in even the smallest of ways. Then try something a bit more daring the next day. Each positive response will increase your confidence. 

Are you ready to start performing random acts of kindness today?

Hopefully, you’ve given some thought to what’s holding you back and feel enthusiastic about all the ways you could enhance the lives of those around you. 

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