Beat the Retirement Blues
by Serving Others: 
Random Acts of Kindness

Retirement Blues: Time to Dig Deeper

OK, so, hopefully, you picked up that phone and called someone yesterday.

Today, it's about looking deep within yourself.

Use your inner strength to look at the facts, dismiss your emotions, and figure out what is happening.

1) Ask yourself "Why do I feel this way?" 

Is there a trigger for your blue mood? If the answer is "yes",  you might consider solutions to get around that trigger. Brainstorm how you might live a more stable life, without letting this trigger change your days.  

— Don't get too hung up the WHY. If you don't know why - just choose different. You don't need to stay in this blue mood, especially if your life is full of blue moods. Take a new path. 

“If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.” 

— Henry Ford

— So, what can you do different today to help your tomorrows look brighter?

2) Write it down. What are you really feeling? 

Writing helps to put your never-ending crazy thoughts in perspective. You give order to your mind when you write it out.

— Label it. What do you feel? Describe it. 

— How long have you felt these funky feelings? Jot it down. Get real.

— What can you do to feel better? Develop a plan and put it on paper.  Approach solutions with an open mind. You have many choices in life, especially when employment doesn't get in the way. 

— Does this blue mood serve you? In what way?

Drama in life can be addicting.  Complaining can be an addictive behavior too, as are friends who enjoy complaining as much as you do. Just don't do it.

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Empowering Questions Cards - 52 Cards for Meditation & Writing

I found these cards -- you might choose one each week, to write about, and to meditate on...

Write your answers. Then --
Meditate for NEW answers!

Build a new life -- consider your options instead of Worry! 

Change your life. Write it all down. Look at your Retirement Blues from a new perspective. 

3) Is it possible that you don't give yourself enough self-care?

— Do you like to play the Hero, helping others all the time, with no time to help yourself?

-- Imagine if you were #1 Priority, and then you helped others.

-- Maybe just maybe it's finally time to take care of you?

4) Do you meditate?

Sometimes, the simple act of sitting, quietly, and letting your mind be silenced is perfect for what you need. It's not easy to just sit... but if you practice, you can do this and will find a newfound freedom and sense of peace that  exists in others!

The Empowerment Cards (above) would really help you through meditations!

Insight Timer:   *free* Meditation app that you can use on the computer, or your phone -- thousands of audio meditations you can use. Do a search for: Sleep, Anxiety, Retirement, Worry, just whatever you'd like to try. 
There is a $5/mo program with courses you can order too. I've only used the free app but I enjoyed it. 

Sometimes you will LOVE a voice in these meditation audios. Sometimes it won't feel right -- and that's ok, find another! 
Easy Peasy!  

Take responsibility for the choices you are making this moment! 

Dive Deeper into the WHY you are feeling as you do. If you have no WHY, consider this:

How long will you let this anxiety continue to rule your retired days?

Random Acts of Kindness Aren't
Complicated or Expensive 

I’ve already shared some ways for you to get started on your own RAK practice, but you still may not be convinced.

Doing something for others doesn’t have to take much effort at all. It also doesn’t have to cost a dime. Let’s take a look at some ways you can reach out and brighten someone’s day in the easiest way.

Surprise Your Partner/Family Member

Even your partner and family need kindness. Imagine that same kindness coming back to you many times over… and it can. One kind act multiples the good will and others simply want to reciprocate!

Write out small love notes, left in lunches, purses, pants pockets, that begin “I love you because …”

— Send text messages, randomly, to support and encourage.

—  Remind them you are praying for them on a special day (new opportunity, doctor appointment, any important happening in life)

— Buy special treats (dark chocolate for this gal), cool t-shirts, and anything that will make them smile


Easy Peasy Ways to be Kind

I recently received a notecard from a good friend. She had just retired and was was simply thanking me for our friendship -- writing about how I had helped her over the years and what it meant to her. My heart melted... simple words, heartfelt, and on the written page, sends kindness galore into the world!

  • Smile at a stranger. 
  • Encourage someone who’s struggling.
  • Give a word of praise to someone who’s least expecting it.
  • Hold the elevator for someone who’s in a rush.
  • Read a child a story.
  • Listen to someone’s complaint. Let them be heard.
  • Say a heartfelt thank you.
  • Share a friend’s creative work on social media.
  • Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time just to say hello.
  • Leave a blog comment when you read a post that truly resonates with you.

  • Share a kind word with the customer service representative, either on the phone or in-person.
  • Let someone merge in front of you when driving in heavy traffic. :)

  • Give someone a ride who doesn’t have a car.
  • Agree to an activity you might not enjoy just because someone else will love it.
  • Invite someone to your holiday celebration if you know they’ll be alone. 
  • Share your expert knowledge with someone who has questions and has asked for advice. 

  • Offer to pick up items for others when you’re heading out to run an errand.
  • Recognize someone for their good idea or contribution.

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