Beat the Retirement Blues
by Serving Others: 
Random Acts of Kindness

Retirement Blues — Do you need help from a professional?

If you know your Retirement Blues aren't just any Retirement Blues,  please call a professional. 

If you have reached your personal time limit and still find yourself feeling blue —  consider calling a counselor, minister, social worker, or life coach to help you get unstuck. 

The retirement blues are one thing, anxiety leading to depression quite another.

During this challenge, I am simply asking you to Take Action. Any small action will do. One action leads to many others. Kindness compounds to Kindness —  you get the gist, Kindness can do wonders to you and the world around you!

If you really can't take any action, can't do any kindness at all, please seek help! Please.

The longer you don't take action, the longer you lie around feeling blue, the more likely you will need medication. Nobody likes to take it, but sometimes it is necessary to get you thinking normally again. 

Just making the decision to get help will take some emotional pressure off right away.

p.s. If  you won't help yourself, will you at least write to me using Contact Wendy (top right) or write to wendy at retirement-online dot com. 

Tell me --  (copy and paste the following two lines below into your email): 

I am completing the Retirement Blues workshop, and this is what's happening in my life:  — your life here — 

Thank you!

Now we move into being KIND using your own personal gifts to do this in the easiest way possible!

Inspire Others to Pay It Forward

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Kindness is contagious?”

Most sayings like this come to become widely known because they’re based in truth. Research has found that kindness can spread in various ways.

You’ve surely experienced or witnessed instances in which someone has paid it forward or a movement has spread based on one person’s good deed.

Giver AND Receiver Benefit

Everyone benefits from random acts of kindness. The giver feels good and gets that good feeling from going out of their way to brighten someone’s day. The recipient enjoys the surprise of the unsolicited outreach of kindness.

We all appreciate when someone is nice to us. These good feelings  create a cycle because those involved want to continue feeling good.

The giver gets a rush from helping someone and will often be motivated to keep giving in various ways. The recipient wants to share the rewards they’ve just gained. They may feel an obligation to “pay it forward”, but they know they will experience a reward, as well. 

Observers Experience Benefits too!

A phenomenon known as “moral elevation” exists that ensures good deeds will spread.

There are neuro-physical connections made when someone witnesses or hears about an act of kindness or feel-good story.

The good feeling you then get motivates you to want to do something good, as well, perpetuating the pay-it-forward cycle. 

Social Learning 

Social learning theory is the study of the ways in which groups interact. The core principles are based on the fact that people will behave in similar ways to which they see those in their peer group or how their families behave.

It’s sort of the “monkey see, monkey do” or “birds of a feather” philosophy.

Therefore, when children grow up in a family in which kindness and compassion are the norm, they are more likely to display those traits also. Just as when teachers demonstrate and emphasize to their students a core philosophy of doing good, this standard will be the precedent among the class.

Kindness is contagious when groups continually perform such behavior. 

Hmmm wonder if YOU caught the Kindness-Bug the last seven days?

I sincerely hope so!

Now WHY are we doing Random Acts of Kindness?

You are doing it for YOUR well-being.  You want those endorphins released in your brain when doing something nice for someone else.

You are also helping to release endorphins feel-gooders in your family, friends and even strangers when you do small kindnesses, and they turn around and do good for the world! 

Feed your Brain with Kindness to Others --

Let it Shine with Endorphins!

The End!  Shine On!

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