Do You NEED Positive Affirmations about Retirement? 

You know you need to change your life. 


This ebook, I Rise Above My Circumstances, is full of positive affirmations about retirement and written for those retirees who have a negative retirement mindset.

I love affirmations.

Affirmations, if taken seriously AND with emotion, really ROCK!

We all have lifelong fears or limiting beliefs that are firmly stuck in our subconscious for good or bad. Sometimes, it's almost impossible to make changes in our lives because many of our behaviors are ruled by the subconscious, we do things without even considering there are other options in life. 

You CAN change your subconscious beliefs with affirmations. Usually it takes weeks of reading and re-reading an affirmation but this really can work... seriously, it can.

If you are having a hard time in retirement, consider this book of affirmations and work on making changes to your own mindset. All it takes is finding an affirmation that SINGS to you, editing it (if necessary) to make it yours and reading it... over and over!

Best Wishes!

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