Home baking business, anyone?

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Do you like to bake?

A home baking start up business might be fun! Baking from Home, if you enjoy baking,  to make a home based business using your baking skills.

The book to the left is Cupcake Cash... people do make income with home baking!

What a fun idea! 

Cupcakes are all the rage lately... all the cooking shows on TV show fancy cupcakes!

There are so many ways you might earn a small income simply by using your baking skills. If you enjoy baking, why not share your natural talents with your community?

They will appreciate your efforts and you will appreciate some extra cash to spend in your retirement! It's really a win-win.

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Cake Baking Business could be fun. My niece and I took fancy cake decorating classes. Let me tell you -- cake decorating is not my gift, my fancy flowers weren't pretty, that's for sure.

Crystal's cakes are beautifully creative. She enjoys the process (her kids are at school) and the side income it provides.

Michaels Crafts and JoAnne's Crafts store often host the cake decorating classes OR try GOOGLE and search for "Local Cake Decorating Classes". Fun!

Who will buy your cakes?

Start out by sharing your cakes with friends and ask for their taste-testing opinion. If they like it, they might start the best type of advertisement for you.. simply "word of mouth".

Bake cakes, cupcakes, or cookies for moms to take to their kids school. Just think - it's their turn to provide the snacks and they simply don't have the time. They are busy and working, you can help fill this need AND make them proud to have cookies for the kids.

Write up a flyer, place in doors along the street and maybe post where bulletin boards are locally -- and see what happens! Give them ideas for how they might need your cupcakes: kids school treats, wedding and baby showers, Have sample cupcakes ready for tasting too!

Maybe you specialize in gluten-free cakes, or holiday cakes, whatever!

Pet Treat Baking Business?

Pet Treat Business is another completely different direction, but still baking! You can google "pet treat recipes" online then make some.

Visit a few local Pet shops who might partner with you and buy your treats to sell, this is ideal. You might also sell them online.

Where else might you take a baking start up business in your own local community?

Open up your mind to the possibilities!

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