Retirement: A Guide to ReInventing Retired Life

So, you are retired... now what?

Retirement: A Guide to ReInventing Retired Life

In a sense, I am coaching you via this ebook. I hope this book will encourage you to take action. You do have options post-retiremen, many options, and I want to help you to move forward towards a better life.

Questions are provided on different aspects of your life to help you consider where your life balance is off. Where do you choose to take action to move forward?

I will help you set goals to move you forward towards your balanced retired life. Yes --  you have to do the work, change in any life transition does not come about easily. Some work is required.... but it's certainly worth it!

Table of Contents:

Assess Your Life 

  • Target the Areas you Want to Change  
  • Design Your Perfect Retired Day 

Clean House 

  • Eliminate Negativity Now 

Set a Goal  

  • Create a Goal that will Make a Positive Difference in your Life 

Better Your Odds  

  • Create a Morning Ritual  
  • Create an Evening Ritual  

Eliminate Wasted Time 


Dealing with Resistance 


ReInvent Your Life Worksheet 

Testimonials for Reinventing Retired Life!

I believe I started my transformation on April 19th, 50 years after I was drafted, and from reading your guide, I see there is much more I can do. Again, thank you for all that you do for many of us, just by being you. -- Paul Brown

Thank you for the book! I found it to be really providing a fantastic new insight into retirement problems. I am going to try and put some of your suggestions into practiceJ This book is far better than your earlier one, that I bought on kindle, “Retirement Anxiety”.  I feel this book deserves to be on kindle and sold on Please do so, if you have not already thought about it!! -- Anand Viakara

 A quick flip through your book and it looks very insightful and it looks like that you've hit the nail on the head! Retirement has been the hardest thing to do in my, and I could see that, in a lot of my friends' (all Boomers) lives. --  B Lee, A Canadian Fan

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Retirement: A Guide to ReInventing Retired Life

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