Home Business Workshop

Are you considering a Home Business for fun or profit?

This Retirement: Home Business Workshop will help you find a new Home Business that matches your personality, values, and lifestyle.  

After finding your perfect business, it's all about you and the time and effort you choose to put into a small Home Business.

Why should retirees consider a Home Biz?

  • Supplemental retirement income
  • Gain a new sense of identity
  • Keeping busy with fulfilling retirement days
  • New Challenges to keep you physically and mentally healthy
  • Interact with customers and commmunity
  • It's fun... your time, your work, your new income!  

Hello, I'm Wendy and I'd love to help you find the perfect Retirement Home Business!

I have worked with new retirees for 25 years with local government. After another 6 years online here, I realize I need to continue to help retirees. 

Retirement is being redefined... we will likely live longer than previous generations, be more active,  no more rocking chairs, so what will you do during your retirement years?

Some retirees will be happy with a small home business and some supplemental income. Other retirees will go further building a lucrative home business afterwards. Anything is possible!

It just depends on what you are looking for, how much time and effort you put into it, how busy you choose to be, and what you seek out of retirement.

This is a self-directed workshop, module by module, you will answer many questions on all aspects of retired life AND home business ideas. You decide the pace of the workshop. Together, we will brainstorm for creative ideas to find a home business that suits you perfectly.

You can work as quickly or as slowly as you care to. You might find and launch your home business in the next month -- or you might spend more time in the workshop itself, considering your future lifestyle.

Here is a quick video with a few screen shots:

In the end, even if you choose to drop the home business idea and go in a different direction, you will have gained a new perspective on your retired life, I assure you!

Did you know that that retiring Baby Boomers are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs?

After many decades of life, and now retirement, life simply gets boring.

Find the new YOU in life, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and jump back into life again. You have something to offer this world -- just do it.

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Retirement: Home Biz Workshop

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