Word Press Set Up Guide:
Tutorial for Boomer Bloggers

This is my WordPress Set Up Guide... ready to start your own website/blog?  I wrote it so that boomers can quickly set up a WordPress website and move forward on writing!

Can you read the quote on the book cover?

"It's not about age or about finding yourself.  Wherever you are, at whatever age, you're only a thought away from changing your life."  

Dr Wayne Dyer

If YOU have thoughts you'd love to share with the world, this is the way!

As you can see from the screen shots of the book pages below, there are lots images in the book so that you can see exactly what I am doing. 

Writing a blog is fun to do, especially when it begins to attract visitors who interact with you.  You can add Google Adsense ads for income, add Amazon items, write ebook (like this one) and many more options to monetize the blog later. It's fun... 

As retirees, we have the time to write.  We have a lifetime of knowledge to share. If you enjoy writing, go for it!

This book is for:

  • Boomer Writers with knowledge and passion on a topic to share 
  • Boomer Writers who simply loves to write about life 
  • Book Authors who need a quick website to promote their book 
  • Anyone who needs to get up and running quickly!

NOTE: If you buy this book and get stuck, please feel free to email me and ask questions.  Use the "contact me" under About me, on the top of the page. Explain what page you are on and what the question is. I will either explain or jump on a quick video session to show you!

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Word Press Set Up Guide: Tutorial for Boomer Bloggers

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