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by: Robert Klima

As of this month, I am spending 16 years of my life--Alone.

I have found comfort in my family and friends. The wonderful memories of 51 years together has been most helpful and the knowledge that she no longer suffers. I have adjusted to the single life and I am fortunate to have my family close and that is a comfort..

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You are not alone
by: Nina

Hello Eve,

There are certain days that bring tears to your eyes. One of them is the day you lose someone you loved and cherished. Like yourself I'm a widow and miss my husband very much.

For me the day is the 14th of December. Together my daughter and I (no matter where we are) go to church and pray thanking God for his life. Over the years what we've realised is that the pain has lessened. In its place is a peace which only comes with time. It does get better.

Thinking of you, Nina

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