18 months retired

by Denny / Tennessee

I have been retired since 2017. My husband retired 10 months later. I would love to say something good but, in truth, I feel if I don't go back to work I'll be dead before the two year mark.

One week before I retired I brought my day home to live with us because he was 93 and I wanted him home with me. Mainly because it was getting to be a hospice situation. All was fine for a few months then home hospice. I was busy and it was extremely depressing but, much of life is too.

Drs gave him about a week because his kidney's were failing. 3 days before he passed I was at the Grave site checking out things. We live in the country and we can walk to the site. At the site it was turning to dusk and I slipped and fell in a ditch. Broke my heal in 3 places.

The funeral wasn't what I planned it be, no one else seemed to be able to do anything. Let's see, where was my husband, anyway.

After all was said and done I started getting heartburn real bad. Dr said acid from stress and I needed hiatal hernia surgery. So I had that. After surgery in hospital my eye started to kill me. Big mess. Eye opened durning surgery and dried it out so bad my lid cut my cornea real bad. I couldn't see or open my eye for
Months. Nothing they did worked. In the meantime my surgery was failing at a rapid rate.

My 7 to 9 year window lasted a full 5 months, with 4 trips to emergency room with severe pain no one could find out why at the tune of around 70,000. Thank God I have good insurance from my husband's work. Where is he again, anyway.

On one of my eye appointments on a rainy day 40 miles from home, they took the pressure in my eye. What was supposed to be around 16-18 was a 56 in that eye. I thought the Dr was going to stroke out because one of the other Drs had the Lazer machine on loan and I would have to go back towards home to another one of their offices for the Lazer. Now it's dark, raining and I have 1 eye.

I called my husband, yeah I found him lol! And stayed on the phone with him because he knew where I wanted to go. Truth be told, if you don't believe in God this would have changed your mind.

He had everyone working overtime that night. Couldn't see the road, didn't know if I was in the right lane. Crying with my good eye and making u turns Willy Nilly.

I got there an hour late so they were closed. BUT!!! They waited for me because my husband kept calling them. Way to go babe! After all that the post op visit revealed I needed cateract surgery in that eye and my other is getting one too. So I have that surgery and after that was all done I really didn't care anymore.

The good news is, YEPEEEEEEE!!! There is good news. I was reading this site on one of my reacurring emergency room visits and a man was discribing the symptoms he was having with his Gall Bladder.

It was the exact symptoms that was always sending me here. When I got home I researched it and told my Dr he needed to check my Gall Bladder. Ultrasound showed nothing no stones. So they did this 4 hour no food nuclear test and that showed it was only working at 30 precent. I said yank that sucker out, I can put up with the hernia thing failing and taking antacids until my muscles turn to jelly but, not that pain. So far so good thank God and I haven't had to look at a Dr. Since August.

So...I don't really care to get out of bed. For me I think it's because I really never had the chance to relax.

My husband of 44 years who I meet in elementary school is really out of touch with my reality, which is right now thinking about where I can go on a tank of gas. Am I the only one looking at my spouse wondering Who is this guy and what did you do with the guy I married. Yeah I said guy, I have the mine of a younger person having kids later in life. Oh well, now who were we talking about!

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