2021 Pandemic / Reflections

by matt i

Well over a year has passed since pandemic surfaced. The entire world caught off guard regardless of wealth or poverty.

Toilet paper hoarding became front-line news, essential labor force finally given just due of appreciation, and global supply chain exposed.

In the USA showing spirit in vaccine development, stimulus checks, record online product buying to keep capitalism in physical condition despite naysayers. For those fortunate to be in retirement, keep in mind society is judged on how they spend their priceless leisure time not how they save it as time is perishable every 24 hours.

Some people tend to feel the need to work or overwork as a means of self-escape, as a way to justify their existence.

I spend my leisure time in the astonishing wonder of how lucky to be living in this time frame compared to less than 100 years ago with world wars.

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What the Pandemic Taught Me
by: Chris/Deep South

Now there is an intelligent question, Wendy!

March 13, 2020 is a day I shall never forget - preparing for "staying home for two weeks" due to the Covid-19 virus.

The Big Box store my recently retired husband and I visited for provisions was full of customers like us loading up as well.

Two weeks seemed a lifetime to give up our recently acquired retirement liberty - then the Stay Home order morphed into two months and now here we are in Year Two.

  • Lesson One: Early on, when masks were unavailable, heart surgeon Dr Oz taught his viewers how to make a no-sew version so I made some for Hubby and me.

    I skipped pressing masking tape across the top to prevent my glasses from steaming up - didn't want to rip off my eyebrows!

    What else I've learned as I listened to a dizzying whirlwind of media verbiage is that talking heads, government officials and medicoes might just be guessing as they put out endlessly confusing directives.

    A decade before the pandemic, CDC experts had advised filmmakers about a fictional worldwide "Contagion" so you think they would have been prepared for Covid, but NO!

    Also, as I washed doorknobs and phones, I learned that we must wash every package brought home (at the risk of life and limb)from the market as well, especially if those items were to be used by people 60+ years of age but this I absolutely refused to do. Enough already!

    A year later, I heard that all this surface wiping was NOT necessary, nor was the virus thought to spread via surfaces like door knobs, Wheaties boxes and bags of potato chips! But - perchance - maybe the virus has been making the rounds via frozen sacks of chicken wings!

    Who thinks up such things?

    In any case, now I hear that stores and restaurants have run out of chicken so maybe the frozen-wing-virus idea is a sneaky ploy to keep us away from these protein sources!

    A cheery thought: if we don't eat, we won't need toilet paper! Voila!

    Wendy: Read this with a huge smile on my face... ripping off your eyebrows? Gotta run check my frozen chicken wings! ;)

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