3 1/2 years later

by Linda
(Long Beach Ca.USA)

Hi this is Linda -- I lived in Pa. and moved to Ca. Living in Pa all my life this has been a real challenge for me. I moved here to Long Beach in April 2013, very difficult. I wondered did I do the right thing but the goal was to be closer to my son's family, grandson is now 8.

You gave me advice to get out of myself and look for new adventures.

I am completely satisfied with living out here. I live in a senior building have made lots of friends and am busy all the time.

I am President of our resident activity, planning monthly events for 325 residents, of course not all participate.

I just volunteered to work in our little store that daily takes in over 100.00 dollars.

I drive still so help my son out with picking up my grandson after school since both parents work.

Sorry this is long , I just wanted to say when you retire -- go out and find other opportunities out there and forget about checking a clock.


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7yrs later
by: Linda Long Beach Calif

I'm now a Calif. girl. I love it here near the ocean but more important I'm near my grandson he is now 9 and a joy,so glad I moved there is nothing like family.

So if you have doubts at first everyday it gets easier and you'll realize you didn't make a mistake

by: Linda Long Beach Ca

Thanks Wendy... I hope it will!


Thanks Linda...
by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

Good post, so thrilled you came back to tell us how retirement and the big move worked out for you!

Your post WILL help others out there to find more purpose in life.

Kudos to you for taking on positions to help others!!

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