3 Weeks in, Getting used to Retirement

by Carol

I am rather limited in what I do because I did not retire with a pension or any savings. I just live on old age pension, my husband works though. But we own a house and don't have much spare money for classes and things. However, I am slowly getting used to it, on my third week and okay.

Settled in, just still have bad feelings about my work and I know I should let it go. My boss begged me for years to never retire, said I would retire and die of boredom. Kept asking me to wait until he is ready to retire, he's only a few years younger than me. But we got a new accountant and that person convinced him he did not need me and they let me go. So I do have some bad feelings there and need to let it go.

My husband works at the same place and told me it's a mess without me, so I am taking some comfort in that, ha, ha. However, I need to realize that no one is indispensable. I'm sure I will be fine.

All ready booked a trip to visit my daughter who lives the other side of Canada. And if I can afford it, I will visit my other daughter who lives in the Cayman Island next year. I'll plan a small trip every year, depending on my finances. Something to look forward to.

I have to give up my car soon as can't afford that. So that will really limit me. I live in the city and lots of buses and I can also use my husband's vehicle on days he does not work. I'm sure it will all work out.

And yes, I intend to keep reading stories on this website. So helpful!

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love your attitude
by: Diane / Canada

It was great to read your comments. What a nice attitude you have realizing that some things have to be let go and plowing ahead with retirement.

I don't have a lot of money and still have a mortgage but have found myself very busy with retirement. There are so many things a person can get involved in. things that you couldn't do when working as they didn't bring in enough money. Now I volunteer and do all sorts of things. My motto is learn something new each year.

Happy retirement!

3 Weeks in
by: Sherry/ NC

This story goes to prove that you should do as you wish and don't go along with what your boss tells you. He knew you were doing a great job, but still yet let you go because of a comment made by a new employee (really) and he wanted to save that $$$$!!

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