3 years retired and caught the retirement blahs

by Carol

I'm 71. I can go to the gym everyday, all day long if I want to. Trouble is I don't want to do anything. Volunteer; been there, done it. paid work, forget it. grandchildren are in school, did cruises, like them but don't have money to do more than one a year. Don't like sitting home, sleep problems. Health is fine. I have the retirement blahs.

Who else has been here in blah-land and found a path out of it?

Eight years ago I got off the addiction of wine; last year I got myself off depression meds because I felt like a plastic zombie most of the itme.

Last month I smoked the last cigarette and now I am into 40 some days withdrawal. A few days ago I sobbed, cried, but sobbed for 72 hours. I think it is the withdrawal from cigarettes.

I have not been able to find a therapist to help me. Do not want to go back onto depression meds.

Any thoughts, because my thoughts seem to be in a jumble.

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About Antidepressants
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol,

I suspect that your recently coming off an antidepressant may have a lot to do with your feelings of apathy. I hope you'll take the time to look at this website, which is specifically for people who are either trying to get off psychiatric meds or have gotten off by themselves (often too quickly):


This site helped me tremendously when I got off of Lexapro too fast and got very sick from doing so. Apathy was a big part of that painful withdrawal syndrome.

I have to disagree with Wendy about going back on the drug, whatever it was. The American Psychiatric Association has recanted its theory that "mental illness" is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

In my opinion, much of what appears to be mental illness is often a cluster of symptoms that have to do with a medical problem (such as a thyroid condition). It can also be the result of faulty thinking which can respond very well to counseling or psychotherapy.

Many people have found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) very helpful. Antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs have too many dangerous side effects and should only be used as a last resort, such as when someone is suicidal, and then for no more than a few months.

Retirement came as quite a surprise to me, especially after going through antidepressant withdrawal. I'm finally coming out of that and getting involved in some things I truly enjoy such as volunteering at an emergency food cupboard and taking an online class in writing. fiction.

You'll make it! Retirement is a big adjustment for all of us!

Vision board
by: Anonymous

I feel so bad for Carol and Carolyn. Perhaps the cause is that you both have not really figured out what it is you DO want. It may sound strange but to get to know yourself and really get those answers, I suggest meditation. Oprah and Deepak offer free 21 day meditations. Or get a eve from the library that will be guided meditations.

Another suggestion that really helped me is to cut out pictures from magazines on what I DO want and put them on a vision board. It's a visual way of asking for what you want.

Try it, can't hurt. Be well!

by: Judy R.

find a part-time job - even if it is only a few hours a week. It really helps beat the blahs!

Retirement next month
by: Anonymous

I am about to retire at the age of 60.

Although I am fortunate to have the financial freedome to do what we would like, the day of not having structure concerns the heck out of me.

I have worked very hard over the years to build business's and feel that the world will pass me by.

Like many on this post, I see that some folks like me kept there interests to work and not much more.

I know I need to explore but not my strong suit. Any suggestions ?

Find a sport/ activity you love and go all out!
by: Anonymous

After 35 yr. of faithful service for the company, I was unceremoniously 'dumped' to make room for a 'friend' of the new boss.

No one will hire me as I am deemed to be too old (in my late 50's)...family member are all too busy with their lives and I am not needed.

So I cashed in my retirement money and pursue the love of my life--scuba diving!

I exercise like mad, bike like mad (to keep myself in shape) and have been travelling alone and diving all over the world and making lots of new friends along the way.

No one could solve our problem, but ourselves.

You come to this world as one and ultimately, must leave the world as one. In between, you must learn to love yourself and live life as you wish...

reply carol
by: Anonymous

What cause are you interested in? See if you can find one or more and do something to make a difference to other people.

How about being an adopted grandparent?, to people you do not even know very well yet, rather like being a big brother? Your church, if you have one, might be able to help you find a family.

Get light, outside is best, exercise daily and visit the library if possible every day.

Undue Retirement Suffering...
by: Wendy

If you need meds, take them. Something has to kick your brain chemicals back into balance.

GIve yourself a week or two, then connect with me via the Retirement Coach tab to the left. OR try my home business site to see if you might find something productive to do. You can be another whole different person if you can find a new identity! Really...


I get it
by: Carolyn

I have been crying for over an hour - I retired in October 2013 and all was well for 7 wonderful months until my sister got seriously ill - she is well but I am not...

I am in a profound depression I cannot get out of and just don't know what to do - started new medication last night but will take 2 weeks to see if it works.

I feel without purpose, without use, without substance and without structure - I have tons of friends who are all retired and doing well - its just me - I don't know what to do or say or think - I feel like I am in hell - I have seen a shrink - not much help.

It seems never ending so I get where you are coming from 3 years retired - oh God don't let this go on for 3 more years - I am just lost.......

I've tried the volunteer route, the museums, the friends for lunch but for some reason I am just stuck in this black hole.

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