4 + Years Retired Now and Loving Every Day!

by Ben

It was just over 4 years ago that I retired from a place I had worked at since coming home from the Army in 1974. I was so ready and so glad I left at 62.

My only concern is how fast the day goes now...a week seems to be gone in just a few days and it's hard to get everything that I had wanted to do for that particular week finished.

My other concern is my vision seems to be getting worse in what could be an irreversible eye disease. I am even more overjoyed that I took retirement at 62 after hearing that a few days ago.

I have taken up trying to learn to play drums and that is tougher as you get older. I recently have added trying to learn guitar. I've built quite the man-cave in our lower level complete with a massive sound system with those big floor speakers from back in the day. I'm back to buying and collecting vinyl (especially 45's.)

For two years I have been writing a novel and I'm thrilled to have put it up on Amazon as an e-book a few weeks ago and now I have it up as a POD (print on demand) book. I don't expect to make any money on the book but that's not why I wrote it. I enjoyed the process, it was something I always wanted to do but never had the time. My wife was so shocked I think that I actually pulled that off. So many novels they say end up unfinished in a desk drawer.

I go to car shows when I have time and if I had more money I would look for another car to restore, something I did many times over the past 3 decades.

Don't just sit and watch TV! I've spent the past few years visiting family in nursing homes. They watch TV all day and they always say they wish they had done or could do certain things now that they just didn't do when they could have.

The clock's ticking folks-don't waste it.


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by: Anonymous


My book is "Amy Crossed the Line". Available as an e-book or a POD (print on demand), on Amazon or Smashwords.com

I will tell you it's set in the late '60's. Full description is available on those sites.

Thanks for your interest!

Love books
by: Vicki (CT)


What is the title of your book? I am an avid reader and would love to read yours.


Response to: 4+ Yrs Retired now
by: Ken / San Diego CA


I'm glad that you retired at 62 and was able to accomplish a lot of things before you notice that the 'health' issues start popping up! I semi-retired at 55, but still continued working till I fully retired at age 66. (People never guessed I was that old, or as I say "Refined" LOL )

Take one day at a time, and I zoomed in on what you mentioned, that 'visiting relatives in nursing homes, that just watch TV day in/ day out'

That is something that motivates me to : go to the gym, take train trips to LA for just LUNCH etc. Take a drive to the mountains or desert. Take an occasional overseas trip (usually Thailand for me!) Now I want to do volunteer work, but not sure where!

Thanks for your inspirational post!


Live each day
by: Ruth Johnson

Every retiree should have to read this.

Don’t know what to do? Try everything.

I didn’t try writing until almost 80.

One book almost done and a pile of Haikus waiting for me to decide what to do with them.

A dulcimer is in the closet hoping I will find time to learn how to play it.

Life doesn’t look for you.
You have to look for it.

Today’s Haiku
What I want in life
To live fully in the now
Tasting all there is.

Now go and do!

by: Anonymous

Congratulations, Ben. You have found utopia. You are doing everything right. I admire your enthusiasm and desire to learn new things. My hat is off to you.

God bless.

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