45 Years work and 4 years retirement wasted.

by Dave Somerset England

I was a postman for 45 years. Retired 4 years now.

Hàd all the help possible but stuck with no purpose.

No motivation and family had enough of hearing same conversation.

Feel absolute failure and stuck.

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Finding a new Purpose in Life
by: Sharon, Hawaii

Would you be interested in figuring out your new purpose in life? How about taking a free Coursera online course, "Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most?"
It's at coursera.org. There are tons of other courses available as well. Take care and best wishes for your new journeys.

Feeling Stuck
by: Canadian Retiree

Wow 45 years is a long time in the same routine, no wonder you’re feeling like your purpose is gone.

I had a similar feeling when I retired from my job of 20 years. At first I felt I had made a huge mistake even though I was retiring following cancer treatments.

It took me a long time to find my way and realize there’s more to life than my job. I’m sure you will find a purpose again.

I took up water colour painting which has really helped and I also exercise daily. The key is to keep busy and don’t dwell on the past.

As Wendy says "do something, anything!"

Wendy: I have a big smile on my face... you have overcome this life transition beautifully!

4 years wasted
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

Consider making a list of what you did at work that gave you satisfaction. Then consider how you might create something similar now.

What made you feel inspired at work and then what might give you the same pleasure in retirement?

Learning something new? Making new friends? Writing down your past experiences as suggested? Mentoring a young person?

What did you love to do as a child, a young person, an adult? What might you change, improve, or accomplish in retirement?

These 4 years are not wasted but were just a time of rest. Try reflecting on what you learned and what you can change in the future. You have many more years of the wonder of living ahead!

Join us for our Retirement chat on Tuesday and realize you are not alone!

by: Brian Sullivan Suarez

Hi Dave
I was a teacher for 30 years and have been retired for two years and find the same problem with having an aim in life. Difficult to know what the problem is apart from myself!!

I have also true love of different 'solutions without finding an answer.


Reflect on your years on the job
by: Wee-zer

Dave, I am sure you must have a million stories on people and situations you ran into while doing your job!

In my area, there is a guy who retired as a train conductor and he wrote a book on people he met and things that happened during his daily trips from one destination to another. You could do the same thing.

I am sure you have funny stories, sad stories and weird stories. You could start at the beginning of your career and why you chose it and maybe blend in your marriage and children that came along the way. People get a kick out of reading what other people go thru in their jobs.

I used to work for a Food company and worked with very educated people, scientists, engineers, people from other countries. Some of the things that happened during my years there, I am sure I could have written a book.

In my mind, I called these people my dysfunctional family!

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