55+ Community or an All Age Development?

by Karen
(Rochester, NY)

My husband and I live in a 55+ Community not far from where we used to live. We enjoy some parts of living in such a community, but there are some drawbacks.

You are with people that have much in common, but it’s also depressing when your neighbors pass away. We don’t have a community center and since this is not a typical 55+ community that you might find in Florida or Arizona, residents don’t get together that often.

All of us have a connection to the area with family nearby so there isn’t as much of a need to socialize with the residents.

I would like to hear the opinions of others who either moved to a 55+ community or stayed or moved to an all age community.

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Best Move for Me
by: Sandy B

Hi Wendy, I wanted to let your readers know that moving into this type of neighborhood had been the best move for me after retiring from teaching.

I live in a module home in Florida so it is very affordable. It has a huge club house with scheduled activities all day and night. I feel like I am on a cruise ship! I never am bored or lonely.

As a 63 year old woman I play Pickle ball, attend Yoga class, art class and Line Dancing. If I just want to talk to someone, I walk my dog and there is always someone that will stop and chit chat. We have monthly shows and dances.

I think it is a super way to enjoy my retirement. I find retired people that are isolated tend to deal with depression. Just a suggesting for anyone thinking of retirement.

55+ Community or an All Age Deelopment
by: Pat/Delaware

Thank you for your pro and con comments on this very interesting subject......very helpful.

I look forward to seeing more input from others.

55+ Community
by: Linda/Nevada

I have been living in an apartment complex for 55 and over since 2015. Compared to other similar complexes in Las Vegas and Henderson, I believe mine is one of the better ones.

I have an assigned, covered parking space so it stays cooler in our scorching summers. The landscaping is beautiful and well kept so it gives the complex a sense of luxury. The office staff does a terrific job considering that there are 228 units.

I am not a sociable person so I keep to myself. My privacy has always been maintained but for the more sociable tenants, there are always activities going on in the community rooms. The complex also offers transportation within about 10 miles to grocery stores and other places with the use of a private van owned by the complex.

It's a great place for me.

55+ Community or All Age
by: Karen Rochester, NY

Thanks so much for both of your comments. I can identify with both of your positions. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in my thinking. Looking forward to more comments on this topic.

55+ in Arizona
by: Elisa

Hello! I am in a similar situation! 2 years ago my Husband and I moved into a small retirement enclave that was built by one of the major homebuilders in the Phoenix area.

We had visited a similar community in a rural area, built by the same builder - that had a wonderful community center and tons of activities and clubs. The community, however, had over 2000 homes in it. It was just too big for us.

So, we found a small "in fill" project of 72 homes closer in town (husband still working in town) by the same builder with the same floorplans. Of course building "in town" cost us $150,000 more and we had to choose a smaller floorplan due to our budget.

We were the 3rd couple to move into the neighborhood. It was fun to watch our neighbor's homes being built, imagining the new friends we'd make, but it sure hasn't turned out that way.

Many of our neighbors still work full-time, so they're not around during the day and others lock themselves inside especially during the intense AZ summers.

We've met some of the neighbors but other than quick "hellos" we haven't connected with any of them despite our efforts. Its kind of disappointing.

It seems that either everyone is too busy, or they are just very private people. One of our neighbors passed away a month ago (on our street) but I couldn't even tell you his name. Very sad.

I wish I had some advice for you, but I'm still trying to figure it out for myself. I'll be following this thread. I wish you all the best.

55 plus community
by: Anonymous

I was about 55 when I moved to a 55 plus community where my mother had lived when she was alive.

People wanted to know all about me, but I did not like this because I was going through some unpredictable and not pretty times with my exhusband/living/not living together. Messy.

People were way to observant for my liking (watched every planter you put in your yard, etc.). I was glad when I left. Public transportation was not good like I was used to, either. All that said, I did not have to pay state taxes.

I went back to my all age house in an inner city where people are very friendly but it is live and let live regarding what planter you put in your yard, etc. Also, I have massive public transportation here. However, I have to pay massive state taxes.

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