6 months to go or maybe 7!

by Sue B

I’ll be 63 in November and plan on retiring at the end of this year, maybe December 1 or 31! It depends how long I can hold on!

My husband has been retired for 2 years and loves it and I can’t wait to join him! We do a lot together, we have bee’s, a small vineyard and make our own wine, we love to garden, travel and are very physically active!!

I’m having a hard time coming into work everyday! I work with a group of younger staff, and my values are much different then there’s. Most of the staff that I used to work with have gone to different jobs, so I don’t have a lot of close friends here anymore!

I seriously use to love this job, always felt confident and happy, had a great time with everyone I worked with. These last few months have been really difficult.

We are financially set, just wanted to work one more year to add a little more money to one of our 403b’s and to decrease the amount of insurance I will need to pay monthly! I will not take social security until I am 66.

Did anyone else feel this way before retirement?

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Know how'd you feel
by: Anonymous

Yes, I felt a lot like you do right before I retired. Working around younger staff, all of my friends gone.

I would have loved to work one more year, but had to get out of there to keep my sanity. Got out, glad I did, and am not looking back.

That was one month before my 61st birthday. I like retirement. It is different, but a whole lot less stressful.

Dean in Nashville
by: Sherry/NC

Boy, I would love to see your doll house! I have a custom made doll house by a man who earned many rewards making all kinds of doll houses including a mobile home.

My dollhouse looks like a cape cod style with shingles and a shingle roof, hardwood floors with area rugs. The house is 35 years old. I am saving it for my great grans. My grandsons used to play with it when they were younger and my son played with it when he was a young boy. He liked to rearrange the furniture.

Check with financial advisor
by: Jan/Idaho

Check with your financial advisor but I think in the long run, 6 months isn't going to make much difference in your retirement finances. Retire now and save your sanity. Good luck.

Know what you mean
by: Laura in Vermont

I am retiring the 28th of June this year, having just turned 65. It was a long wait. I figured out 2 years ago it was time to quit but had to hang around for the health insurance.

In my case it wasn't the people so much as the technology. I don't have much to do with the kids' team, they're nice, but they're very young and we don't have the same values.

The technology, however, is apparently not equal to all the data gathering and reporting requirements. So every few months we have to go relearn sections of the electronic medical record software. I'm just done with that.

So after another 2 weeks I'll be home cleaning up garden beds, finishing an online course I've neglected, and getting way into my fiber arts again. I can't wait! Someone asked me if I thought I'd be bored. Actually, I'm booked into October and will have plenty to keep me going through next winter at this rate.

Go when it's right for you to go, don't look back, and do what you've been wanting to do!

by: Sherry/NC

OMG, I love the freedom! I have lots to do to keep me busy!

The countdown
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

Oh yes! My wife and I retired the same day. She was 60 and I was 61. The original plan was I'd work until I was 63 and she was 62 but then I decided to retire at 61 (almost 62) and she was going to hang in there until she was 62.

A few months before I was going to retire my wife called me at work and told me she wanted to go when I did. I checked our finances and could see no reason why she couldn't retire when I did.

We each had retirement parties at our places of work and it was very nice. However, those last few months were tough for both of us. One of the things we did together in those last few months we built a deluxe dollhouse that she always wanted with lights and everything!

We've been retired 7 years now and couldn't be happier.

by: Teacher in Texas

WOW...I felt exactly the same before retiring from my teaching job. I felt like an alien from a different planet compared to my younger colleagues.

There were only a few of us older ones left and it seemed like they were trying to drive us out. I couldn't wait to retire. In fact, I didn't wait. Even though if I had made it one more year I'd have a full pension, I decided I couldn't fight going to work every day. It was so depressing.

So I quit and found part time work until I was old enough to apply for my pension. It saved my sanity and I don't regret it a bit!

Do what your heart and mind tell you is right. Money isn't everything, especially when you're not healthy enough to enjoy it!

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