6th Year Retirement

by Al B from NY

I have found the key to happiness in retirement rests with your ability to find things to do that have meaning in your life. I plan my day with activities that contribute my feeling of accomplishment.

During a typical week, I volunteer in my community with the Food Bank, pick up and deliver used furniture for needy families, offer free musical lessons at the Community Center, plan and grow a vegetable garden, fish the local ponds/ lakes in my small boat, raise chickens and a pig, read great mystery novels and sometimes just hang out and have some beers and a BBQ.

And fixing things around the house also adds to the week of 'things to do'.

I was married and experienced the incessant nagging and complaining about everything and everyone. That's emotional abuse and no man or woman should have to put up with that.

24/7 with someone is a recipe for disaster. Find some outlets or expect a retirement filled with disappointments and unhappiness!

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It can be hard
by: Elizabeth , West Virginia

I have found it difficult to accept the fact that although my mind is sharp my body limits my mobility. Worked til I was 81, so inactivity can be hard to handle. Knit for charity and have joined two groups of ladies, so many things I would like to do and see. Not whining, just stating facts. Still drive and that is a big plus. My cane, Fred, and I will keep looking for things to do and keep busy.

by: Mavis from Alberta Canada

You have got it right, Al, but it is difficult for people with health, financial and mobility problems to be so outgoing. Do you have suggestions for them?

good advice
by: Anonymous

thank you for this simple recipe for retirement happiness.....it's the simple truth!

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