76 and still hanging in there.

by Barbara Gilchrist
(Avery, TX.)

I don't mind writing and sharing but am 76 now and not a whole lot has changed since I joined and wrote my profile. Of course things have happened to me and the world around me. I'm thinking not many would find it very interesting.

I do not get epal requests at all. I started with several epals and it has dwindled down to only 1 or 2 for various reasons. I feel mostly because I have nothing exciting or new to write about! I am going to same non-denominational church and have same friends from there.

My very best friend is taking meds for Covid right now so that is a huge prayer for her health as she has many problems having had heart surgery at only 60. I have been in and out of hospital and nursing home and recovered enough to be taking care of myself and my 1 acre, home and car. Thank God for that!

My family in New England have not come down with Covid and are being VERY careful. My oldest daughter that usually comes for a visit around my B-day in Sept. could not this year of course. It is so sad to think this is not getting better and 'normal' is not close, and looks like we are going into 2021 with it. I have a nurse still coming for check once a week or every other. Thankfully a couple Dr. appts. have been taken off my list because heart and kidneys are better. I am able to go to other appts. I have.

REALLY miss bingo's and luncheons I went to before Covid as they were usually my only social activities. If I did not have a relationship with Jesus I could be very depressed. I have type 2 diabetes and it is a struggle to keep the sugar down.

When I do get invites to go out and eat I have to think twice about whether to or not because of the sugar. I can't go for walks like I used to and do not really get much exercise. Now I can't even go to Walmart to just walk around. I finally have a good elderly neighbor couple living across from me and she keeps in touch.

We live on a street where there are currently 7 places vacant or ready to be torn down. That is a bit disturbing but I know the Lord is going to take care of everything. I only have ROKU TV so that is limited also.

Our church has been functioning for awhile and I just went this AM and always feel better when I get home.

Oldest daughter emails me everyday but I do not hear from my other daughter very often. Close family all lives about 1200 miles away. This is a VERY small town and not much for me to do at all.

I have good days and bad but know what I know and am grateful for all I have and faith that things WILL get better. I am on FaceBook and do get a little from that.

So that is all for now. God's love & peace to all.

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Keep moving
by: Jane/Texas

That is the key to all you are going through. Keep moving. It does not make any difference what you do, just keep moving. I have been where you are. I have several blogs about it. It is good you get out, even walk around the block. Touch bases with people in your neighborhood by computer. Find out who needs help.

I had gotten so bad at one point I stopped going out, stopped doing anything. I ordered canned goods and shopped online. After two years of never even leaving my house I found I suddenly could not do anything. I ended up in the hospital. It took me months to finally get back home.

I have been in the habit of finding something each day to do or get involved with. I volunteer when I can and write a lot. As long as you are still getting up each day, you have something to be grateful about. My prayers were always answered. I know yours will too.

I would love to chat with you. This little community is good for those who just want to help. Tell us more about your home life. Memories are always good.

Congratulations on being a survivor.

God Bless

Covid times
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

Thanks for reaching out Barbara. These days are hard for a lot of us. Covid is transforming our world. I am 67 retired 5 years now after a 37 year career as an RN.

I have Covid fatigue as well. Some days I think maybe I am being too cautious and maybe I should just resume my life. Then I hear of new cases close to me.

My prayers are with you and all of us.

Hello Barbara - 76 is still quite young!
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Barbara

I'm 76 myself and I recall that (in my youth) Avery was renowned for tomatoes. Is that still the case?

Anyway, you need to get out and about - every day. What I have done is to use my computer to make friends all over. It was slow at first, and it's slowing now again - I have started an undergraduate degree with an online university, and study time and doing assignments does take time.

My online university is called Torrens, but the umbrella group is Laureate - out of South America. I think they own about 40 universities.

But I have enrolled to study Business - with a major in Entrepreneurship.

And this past week I have been accepted as a tutor in Computer Basics at my local community college.

And of course I still have an ordinary suburban life here in Geelong, Australia.

Let's keep chatting



by: natasha

Hi. With your good outlook you are giving a lot to people. thanks for writing.

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