by CC
(Colorado U.S.A.)

Hi I live in the beautiful state of Colorado in gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Been retired 10 years and loving it. Took me 3 months to adapt but so with it. Looking forward to communication with pen pals!

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by: RUTH

Hello CC
It's really nice to hear such encouraging words. You really wanted very much to retire cause the period you took to get used was really too short.

Getting pen pals is a good idea, you are going to enjoy the most. Thank God who has made your life soft.

76 Retired
by: Joy/texas

I also love retirement!

My husband and I volunteer for the food bank weekly. We deliver emergency food around the city. I water jog 3 times a week at the neighborhood gym. Enjoy crocheting shaws to gift to Seniors in the winter we deliver food to. Love reading mysteries. Meet up with friends for morning coffee once a week. I look in on friends who can no longer drive.

Staying busy and active have made my retirement enjoyable. Of course my sweet hubby of almost 50 years is also a blessing.

Happy days.
by: celia..Weymouth Uk

Hi 76 Retired, its good to hear someone say they are enjoying retirement, its usually the opposite moans and groans about boredom.

Providing your health is OK, there are so many things and activities you can do. I have been retired over 10 years now, I love reading so joined a book group, I also enjoy walking and joined a walking group.

As I am a widow and live alone it was important not to quietly vegetate. I got to enjoy the people I met at these activities, and it put purpose into my life.

My family live hundreds of miles away but we communicate and have yearly visit. I love travelling and visiting interesting places, with wonderful scenery and historic property. Living in the UK I have plenty of that to see.

I would love to hear from you and hear about your hobbies and interests.

Why are you enjoying retirement?
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello CC (Colorado U.S.A.)

You've left us all hanging ... why - specifically - are you enjoying retirement?

My own goal is to maintain my zest of living and generate some additional income, of course.

Is that your motivation also?

My latest project is to create an online school, teaching retirees how to create a "profitable hobby" out of a regular hobby.

You can see my progress on my Facebook page hobby2income and - as a pen pal - I would appreciate your feedback


Bernard Kelly

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