9 months retired

by Jim
(BC. Canada)

Hello Wendy and all fellow retirees.

I turned 65 back on March 17 2021 and retired.
I was very happy to finally be able to start enjoying life at a relaxed pace free of the pressures of my job.

The first couple months were great but then I started worrying about finances and the loss of those paychecks every two weeks and the reality of being on a fixed income.

I actually started having headaches which lasted for a few weeks. The Doctor said the headaches were stress-related and I needed to just relax and stop worrying. I took his advice and the headaches stopped.

I got a call from my job where I worked and they asked if I would be interested in part time work as they were busy. I did it for a couple months and am now retired again.

Almost a year later and I still have not touched my savings and am doing quite fine. All the worry and stress was not necessary.

For me this thing is not as scary as it was in the beginning but I do watch my spending and try to save where I can, not easy these days.

Take care all.

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by: Anonymous

Now that you got the taste of retirement, going back to work isn't the panacea we once thought.

I did the same as you and said to heck with it after a few months. Once you get the taste of freedom in your life style, it is pretty tough going back to the daily grind of a job.

And ya know what, you realize the money isn't worth your happiness.

You've seemed to come to some sort of understanding of that concept. Good for you!!! Hooray!

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