9 months to go

by Helen Sengebau
(Koror, Republic of Palau)


I am a Special Education Program Coordinator in the Ministry of Education here at one of the small Pacific island nation. I have exactly 9 months to go before retiring at 60 yrs. old.

I am looking forward to the day however I have this nagging concern of what to do with all the time I will have then.

I have been busy with work and being a single parent. Now the kids are grown and on their own. After which I devoted my all to this job. I do love what I do.

Now I am faced with a future that seem vague. I know I could do volunteer work at schools for students with disabilities but I would prefer something different.

I do welcome any ideas. Thank you.

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Take car of yourself
by: Mike, Australia

Pre retirement anxiety is normal and what you are feeling is nothing to worry about, My advice is to make sure you look after yourself. Rest ,eat well , exercise and proper sleep is the key.

Change is a scary thing however it will work out and just remember it like every other stage of life and if you have a positive attitude you will be Ok. Don't hesitate to ask for help from family and friends or professionals if you are feeling down.

Yes, it does take some effort
by: Nancy

Ditto to the previous comment. I still have to concentrate on finding enough tasks to fill up the day. I still look at people working with envy, like the mail lady!

I have a hobby which is quilting and a lot of sewing activities associated with sewing/quilting for which I am very grateful. I think what it is is you work for decades 40 plus hours a week, and it seeps into your DNA.

The best advice I can give is read the shares from people on this page and that will help you. It helped me.

You are more than IBM
by: Elna Nugent Lenox,MA

Dear Helen: Your last sentence said it all, when you said you need to know who you are beside IBM.

I am beginning to realize why men die earlier than women. Their identity , historically , has been their job and they don't know who they really are when they leave it.

Now that women have found their power in the workplace, they are getting into the same dilemma. i know I felt lost when I left teaching to stay home with three children born 20 months apart.

I felt I had a mirror chasing me, asking me who I was.

However, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. We all have an inner "self" that is anxious to express. And we finally realize we don't need another job, we just need to find the deeper meaning in our lives beyond self. You are so much more than a job identity.

And you will find out who you really are if you trust the process.

Take Classes
by: Retired in California

Try taking classes at a community college. Gives structure to your week. You will meet interesting people and learn new things!

retirement ..no such thing
by: vivien ..''Snoreway''

Retirement is only a problem if you vaildated yourself re' your job---lol

Life has a habit of 'hooking you in'..at all levels.

My hypothesis is therefore that there is no such thing as retirement.

All in life is in flux..therefore ''retirement'' only means change.

Change is a chance or an opportunity.

When all else fails ..find something funny everyday.

If unsuccessful--make something funny happen...lol

Unrepentant 'kiwi'--stranded in a strange land ..with a strange language..that's a bloomin challenge ! But it stops the boring factor !!

Cheers Vivien

Takes Some Effort
by: Patti/La Grange Park ILour Name/Location

My retirement came about unexpectedly so I didn't have time to think about it or plan for it.

It is a big challenge filling all the available hours and it's something I still struggle with.

Some people just have a personality where they never sit still and they have no trouble figuring out what to do all day. But I wake up every morning and think "what the heck and I going to do all day?"

Even volunteering, errands, cleaning, cooking, crafts don't take up the whole day. And then you wake up the next day and it starts all over again. I have and continue to struggle with this. Having money to take trips helps, which I don't.

I wish you good luck but the best advice I can give is to make sure you give some thought as to what you will do with your time once you are no longer defined by your job.

I'm still trying to figure out who I am outside of IBM....

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