Niche Workshop: About You 

Open the door to a New Home-Based Retirement Business! Working online is fun!

This workshop requires you download the ebook first. Please click and read the Discover Your Niche page,  and download the ebook, if you haven't done that already. Thanks!

I am thrilled that you want some niche input and support from me.

First, I need to learn more about you. The questions below will help me get some background information about you to help with the niche selection.

The questions are also designed to make YOU think. We know ourselves and yet, rarely in life do we actually take the time to look at ourselves from the inside out. THIS is the time for you!

Your happiness, contentment, energy level (whatever it is that you seek) is dependant on YOU and what you want out of your new home business, right?

We all have different retirement dreams. Now we need to determine who you really are (not necessarily who you were in your working years). You are FREE now to do whatever you choose to do (within realistic limits, of course!)

P.S.  I would also like to say that any information you share with me is totally confidential. This will be sent to me via email and I will respond back to your email.

About You

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