A Bit Of Prose....Reflections On Mortality

by Ricardo

Death Came Calling.....
it knocked hard and long, but finally entered.
I was not prepared and did not invite it in.
There is no time, no season nor reason when death comes calling. I wanted one more day, an hour, a moment, but death came calling, it would not wait!
Oh how precious time is.
Everyday, every week, every year-
how they evaporate one by one,
a day, a week, a year, a lifetime!
Then it is over in the blink of an eye, a knock on the door....
death came calling.

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The photo on the desk .....
by: Retd. Prof. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava. C-3, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India

In his mid 80s he was a towering personality among the people around him - competent, successful, dominating and independent. He had a photo of himself placed on his reading desk. Elegantly framed in a silver colored photo frame that he had brought from France, it represented all his strength. And then, one day, he died suddenly.

I was one of the first persons present when he was being carried to the hospital. As the stretcher left his room, I cast a glance at the table in the corner of the drawing room. The photo was there.
Two days later, his body was brought back home from the hospital and laid on the ground in the drawing room from which all furniture had been removed. But the table in the corner remaind in place. The corner of the table was empty. The photo was not there.

After coming back from the cremation ground I asked a family member about the photo. I was told that the photo was there in the drawer of the desk. Days passed and then weeks. Life returned to normal.

I visited the family after about two months. I inquired about the photo. I was told that the photo was somewhere in the house, but they did not know where it was. Many years have gone by. The powerful family patriarch is almost forgotten. Life goes on. D.K.Srivastava,26 Feb., 2014

Heard it!
by: Anonymous

well, that is a great 'wake up' call! Appreciate it!! Love it!! Heard it loud and clear!!!

by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot! ...like I wasn't depressed enough already. I didn't need this.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

l too have been preoccupied with thoughts of the day l will no longer be here.

l know l must get my affairs in order. l have 2 grown children, a son and a daughter, l can't get into specifics however l can tell u they do not get along at all. When my xhusband died, he did NOT have his affairs in order and left the job up to the children to work everything out. Well, that turned out to be a disaster (mostly because they weren't able to talk to one another)and this situation drew them even further apart.

After reading your short paragraphs about death, l have decided to (within the next few days)GET my affairs in order.

My son no longer has a wife, my daughter does have a husband and l have decided to name my son-in-law to take charge of the arrangements after my death.

l like my son-in-law very much, we have always gotten along well and l know he will do what l ask in the event of my death~ l do have enough life insurance for what is coming and l have no bills to speak of~ And a little left over for my grandchildren (4).

Because of all the tension between my children and the disruptions in my life because of their situation~ l will leave this earth happy knowing l did what was best for all concerned~l do not want my children going through (again) what their dad put them thru after he was gone ( HE DID NOT ) have his affairs in order!!

Thank You for this wake up call Ricardo & have a good day!

by: O.P.Joshi

Every life is Mortal.
One should use one's lefe in creating and serving other lives.
When Gandhi was proposed to give protection he said one do not know when death will come from which way, so one should continue to work to fill ful objective.

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