A Breakfast that keeps me feeling much much younger than I really am.

by Elna Nugent
(Lenox, MA 01240)

EVERYDAY For Breakfast: I eat a soft non-crunchy oatmeal-based-granola cereal that is made locally. It contains raisins, honey, wheat germ, and softened cashews, to which I always add sprinkles of my no-salt-toasted raw sunflower seeds and some broken up pieces of pecans.

ON TOP OF THIS: I spoon in an envelope of my doctor-recommended sweetener-Stevia in the Raw. Then I add two heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt. Then some milk-.in my case I now use lactose free milk.

I eat this every morning and love it. It spoils me so terribly that if I go out for breakfast and have an omelet or eggs with my sons, I can come home knowing I can look forward to having my granola breakfast for lunch.

I get up quite early in the morning, and due to this cereal I don't feel like eating until beyond noon.

All of this info may be enough for a viewer to take in -in one sitting. I'll add some other helpful energy foods at another time.

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Question Answered
by: Anonymous

Elna, Hi! First of all, thanks very much for answering my question. There are many in this group that just don't bother answering any questions. I'm impressed by your dedication to focus on your wellness, eating power breakfasts and a healthy lunch. Then you also provide yourself with brain food by continually learning something new. Good Stuff!

Joe W.

Elna here.
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

In answer to Re-enrgized by Joe:

Joe: You asked what I did for activity after my favorite energy breakfast.

My mornings are always the most active...maybe because of the breakfast. I run errands. do grocery shopping and do active household activities. I am very alive in the mornings.

Once a week I go to classes run by OLLI ( I think every state has an Osher LIfe Long Institute.) I always sign up for at least one class. Right now, because of the imminent election I attend the Headline News class every week. Very dynamic because everyone has a chance to give opinions. Never dull as you can imagine. I take this class every season of the year along with any others one I like.

Although I eat a healthy lunch, I find that i can get sleepy if I'm not careful, especially when I listen to the new on TV or other programs along with my lunch.

So I tend to go to the computer and answer e-mails and add info on Facebook for family and friends.

I told my doctor I had a serious addiction to mentally stimulating information and online word puzzles that are like a daily exercise in the gym, but are for the brain. I am never bored when I am learning something fascinating.


Your breakfast
by: Ontario

Oh your breakfast sounds yummy, I'm right now having some Qia, Buckwheat and Hemp cereal with cranberries. I add some unsweetened coconut milk to it...

I sure like the sound yours.

by: Joe W.

Question- After eating your 'power breakfast' what activities do you do for the rest of the day? Do you take on more complicated tasks OR do you still carry on with the normal day to day activities?

Joe W.

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