A Chapter Closed

by Nancy

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Mine has been very bittersweet.

My boss of 19 years died and several of my old friends from various illnesses. I used work as my social outlet as I am not a person to join clubs and church. I am lost.

I find that when a job ends and the business is closed, people tend to drift away.

My family is small. No brothers or sisters and the same for my husband. Our children are grown and into their own lives. I am faced with making new friends. I do work in my yard and do counted cross stitch. I have two great dogs.

My husband had brain surgery six years ago and although he has mostly recovered he is not the same. No motivation and once a positive person, now somewhat negative. Short-term memory problems so I basically take care of things.

I am starting to apply for jobs that are virtual.
I just cannot seem to get my footing.

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Give yourself more time
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

Nancy - it sounds like you have dealt with a lot of loss over the past year. Give yourself more time to get settled and be sure to stick with a regular routine.

It sounds like working kept you sane by providing a social outlet and a distraction from the problems you have to deal with at home.

My Mom (also named Nancy) does counted cross stitch. Maybe you could find a job at a local craft store? Also, see if there might be a cross-stitch group in your area.

That would bring you into contact with others who share your same hobby and provide a social outlet as well.

Focus on the things that you enjoy, and soon the rest will fall into place.

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