A Complaint Free World

by Joan O
(Westwood, MA)

I recently saw an ebook for a Complaint Free World. I decided to purchase it and have decided to embrace the idea of no more complaining.

This is something I have always wanted to do and decided to give it a try. The idea is you wear the purple bracelet or just any elastic band on your wrist and any time you complain, say something negative or sarcastic, you put the band on your other wrist. The goal is to go 21 days without complaining.

According to the book this can take anywhere from 4-6 months or longer for some people! Time will pass anyway so why not try to improve myself?

The author said people write to tell him even though they haven’t reached their 21 days (which is how long it takes to form a habit) they feel noticeably happier! I’m already a pretty happy person but who wouldn’t want to feel even happier?

I feel like I live a pretty charmed life. I have overcome some serious health challenges and lost over 50 pounds over the past couple of years. I’m off all my blood pressure meds and don’t even mind getting weighed at the doctor anymore! I do my physical therapy 15 minutes a day then 45 minutes of you tube workout videos and take my dog for a 2 mile walk every day.

Life is so different when you decide to get healthy and workout.

I’ll update you in a few weeks and let you know how my no complaining goes! Maybe you want to give it a try! The book is called A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen.



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Thanks for your post
by: David

Thanks for your post. It was encouraging to hear that checking complaints was a positive move for you. I will at least be checking myself to see how much complaining I do, mostly in my head, since I really don't talk much.
Congrats on the weight loss too. Can you share your process, since I'm always looking for what has worked for other seniors.

by: J.S.

There are legitimate causes to complain. However, complaints should be transformed into constructive criticism which includes suggesting positive actions. If there had been no complaints, we would be still lighting our homes with candles. Complaining is the first step toward improvement and/or reform.

End of Complaints? In God we Trust!
by: Gordon Kinghorn

A most refreshing article to finally read, at times, I truly despair when reading vast swathes of negative, disagreeable commentary from retires on this website, eg, eternal moaning from those who are clearly unfit to further exist in both body and mind, or that’s the way it appears.

I suggest they each purchase a copy of the book in question, or do something positive in order to give the rest of us some respite from the constant lava flow of written complaints that one must pitifully absorb from equally pitiful people.

For once, do something positive to show your gratefulness for extended life, too many of my former comrades, those who didn’t make it back home, would have given anything to trade places with you, they deserved to survive, but tragically didn’t, should you be a constant complainer, ask yourself the following questions, "Am I worthy of my survival?", "Does my longevity provide for the greater good," and, "What benefit can I be to others less fortunate than myself?"

Self-honesty and candidly confronting each of these queries, should see the much-yearned-for demanded she of moaners and complainers, let it be!

by: natasha

My mind is a deck full of complaints. But, I just got a piece of elastic from a purchase. I am going to use it. Thankyou and I look very much forward to hearing from you.

Love this!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I have a bag of these bracelets. I am going to find them and use them again! It's been YEARS since I did this!

Thanks Joanie! We have so much to be grateful for even when we don't acknowledge it!

Let's Practice Gratitude, not Complaints!

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